Yoni London

Yoni London


I write, improvise, and perform highly melodic, acoustic guitar backed pop songs. Sort of.


I am influenced by billions of years of organic and inorganic evolution. The universe singing soothing songs to itself. Or something!


lost time

Written By: Yoni London

[Note: I write through improvising, so most of the recorded version was made up on the spot. I have since revised the spontaneous version].

Let's get a move on,
can't wait, can't wait.
I took too long,
too late, too late.

Got lines to erase
Lost time to replace.

What are we going to do with me?

Melt into the sidewalk
while I'm running.
I climb, I walk,
Getting higher.
Higher and higher,
laughing wider,
higher and higher.

Let's sing a new song,
too late, too late.
I got a new one,
can't wait, can't wait.

What's breaking my shape?
What's making me wait?

I gotta get a move on,
can't wait, can't wait.
The I took too damn long,
too late too late.

Got lines to erase.
Lost time to replace.


CD-rs and emails, baby!

Set List

I usually play about nine or ten songs. I don't like to plan performances before hand. I like to talk to my audiences and improvise whole songs.