If you like afro-cuban-latin music and love high-energy live performances you can taste Yordamis' own style and allow her to take you on an electrifying journey of joy...


If you like afro-cuban-latin music and love high-energy performances you can taste Yordamis' own style and allow her to take you on an electrifying journey of joy. Yordamis began her professional career at the age of 18 after graduating from the National School of Art (ENA) in Habana, Cuba. She graduated with a diploma as a "Guitar Professor and Music Ensemble Arist". Shortly after her graduating Yordamis performed her first presentation at a "Contest of Singers". Yordamis talent quickly expanded providing her with the opportunity to perform internationaly when she became part of a "Feminine Orchestra". With this band she was first introduced to international audiences in countries such as Mexico and Guatemala. She obtained experience as an entertainer and with her great voice, incredible carisma and delightful dancing she conquered audiences. After finishing her international performances she became part of bands such as, " The Power of Generation" (El Poder De La Generación) and Bamboleo. These bands were directed by prestigious musicians like, Jose Luis Cortes (El Tosco) and Lazaro Valdes Jr. During her last years in Cuba as one of Bamboleo's front singer, Yordamis participated in concerts and shared stages with latin music icons such as, Gilberto Santa Rosa, DLG and Charlie Saa among others. Yordamis traveled to Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America, enchanting all audiences with her incrediable talent, recorded two albums and videos with Bamboleo and participated in others recordings with artists such as Juan Pablo Torres, Lucecita Benitez, among others. It was in 2002 after very successful concerts throughout the United States that Yordamis decides to stay and work on her new dreams and ambitions. She lived for one year in Miami, Florida and has moved to New Jersy, where re-uniting with old friends have form what is today Yordamis & SoulMix. Yordamis and friends share artistical and musical uneasiness, they have created a mix of Afro-Cuban music fusioning Funk, Jazz, Rumba Flamenca and Reggae among other rythms. This project is set out to capture all audiences. Along with this project, Yordamis also sings traditional cuban music in a trio and a quartet depending on the size of the place. She sings bolero, son and guaracha in a particular and enchanting way.


single: "Atrevete"
Icludes Rumba pa'l corazón & Recapacita

Set List

Rumba pa'l corazón
Shake your body
La Llave-Habana abierta
La Algarabía
Azúcar negra-mix-Celia Cruz
Yo no me parezco a nadie- Bamboleo
Ya no hace falta- Bamboleo
Mia mia mama-Rosario Flores
La gloria eres tú-Bolero
...and others