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"catchy and even radio-friendly"

Yordan Orchestra is a new Dutch psychedelic indie rock band and this 29-minute EP is their first release. The band’s leader, singer/guitarist Jack Aleister has previously been in bands Angina Pectoris, JAG and Mighty D. Yordan Orchestra gets its influences from The Beatles and Bowie to Brian Jonestown Massacre and Sonic Youth. Some of the stuff is quite catchy and even radio-friendly, but they also have a more experimental, artistic side plus jamming is part of their live show. “Käpt’n El, HanslG”, the opener, is a perfect example of a great, melodic, melancholic psych pop tune with some 60’s vibes. The vocals are closer to 90’s UK indie rock, though. The more I listen to this song, the more I like it, especially the chorus that also has those wonderful bell sounds. “Faced You in A Neon Light” is a bit wilder piece with some post punk feel and saxophone. Not bad at all. “RMDK” is a beautiful, melancholic ballad with a bit more experimental ending. “Washington Z (Zodiac Fullhorn Set Monarch)” is a slow, dark piece where the singer screams out some of the lyrics. Also some psychedelic effects on this one. “Marjolyne” is sort of art pop with some orchestration, theatrics and experimental edge. The last piece “T-Borne Egg” starts off instrumentally and very tranquilly and transports your mind into some other, strange place. After about five minutes of silence there are still a couple of minutes of music that sounds like jamming, although there are also vocals. This is a pretty weird ending for this quite interesting EP. Let’s see what the full-length will be like. - Bad Acid

"approachable, melodic musical experimentalism"

So. Beatmag has been away for a half a year and now we return looking very different but let’s not fuss, eh, let’s just review an album of bizarre psychedelica, instead, to get our hand back in. ‘Psych Introduxeon’ arrived at Beatmag Mansions with no info but a snapshot of a sallow pallid dude with sunken stoned eyes. This, we must presume, is Jack Aleister, leader of Yordan Orchestra, a latterday prog-psychedelic outfit from Holland whose concerts are sprawling happenings, heavy with the whiff of a druggier bygone age. Taking their cue from the Polyphonic Spree, who they’ve supported in concert, Yordan Orchestra hurl a mass of instruments into their melodramatic head music. The album has traditional rock leanings, but then the brass and cellos join in for a streak of howling ballads redolent of both Arthur Lee’s Love (for their musical ambition) and early Robyn Hitchcock (for their wilful but tuneful oddness). Like a baroque, burlesque and grungier version of early ’70s Pink Floyd, Yordan Orchestra wear their lysergic attitude loudly  – announcing they have “mushrooms to try” on ‘Faced You In A Neon Light’  – but retain a core of approachable, melodic musical experimentalism that certain media-celebrated British bands would do well to emulate. - Beatmag

"surprisingly original psychedelia"

A fairly short debut album (Almost half hour, with a break of the final track) that is in return, rich in events and textures, and it all works highly targeted. Dutch Yordan Orchestra has created a highly modernized form of psychedelia, in a sound that is both Spartan and rich.
Jack Aleister plays several instruments on this record, but it is particularly the soulful, almost
sorrowful vocals of his that truly gives Psych Introduxeon its character. A piece of surprisingly original psychedelia. - Tarkus / Norway


Psych Introduxeon / Bringing Ingredients Together
released 2009 on Megatier Productions. Distributed by CdBaby.

A flowery and powery potential. (PROGWERELD /NL)
A majestic offering. (TASTY FANZINE /UK )
An experimental band with fresh ideas and no barriers in sound. (MUSIC-SCAN /GER )
Obligatory spirit food. (FRET /NL)
Indeed like a rock opera (KEYS and CHORDS /BE)
The Yordan Orchestra for sure will gain a lot of attention
'Psych Introduxeon" suggests you should pull the ripcord and join hands for the plunge. (WHISPERIN and HOLLERIN /UK)
Approachable, melodic musical experimentalism that certain media-celebrated British bands would do well to emulate. (BEATMAG / UK)
The 90's indie rock revival is upon us. Dear god. (MTV online)
A strong record (IO PAGES /NL)
Interesting (HEAVEN / BE)
Characteristic lead vocals (GONZO CIRCUS /BE, NL)
A piece of performance art ( GET READY TO ROCK /UK)
Quiet catchy and even radio-friendly, but also experimental and artistic. (BAD ACID /UK)
Surprising arrangements, thoughtful playing and well shaped (Live XS /NL



Yordan Orchestra are Jack Aleister & Anne Solar.
The sound is very eclectic. Influences are Bowie, Depeche Mode, Beatles, Velvet Underground, Fisherspooner, Beuys, Degas, Rothko, Fluxus, Cage, Sun Ra, Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin, Kafka, Cobain, Dylan, Cohen, new bands...
the group started off as a 25 piece band. And drew attention at festivals and got very positive response from press and media. Of course that huge thing had to strip down to its main ingredients and became a duo.
In 2009 the debut was released and recieved enthusiastic reactions, especially from psychedelic and eclectic radio shows and magazines around the world. The second album is being worked on at the moment. the first two albums were recorded with 'real' instruments only. No synths or drum machines were used before summer 2010.
Now Yordan Orchestra is developing into new areas of sound and total eclectic freedom. Combining rock'n roll with modern concepts and fresh sound to celebrate performance art in 4/4 time.