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Island Heights, New Jersey, United States

Island Heights, New Jersey, United States
Band Pop Children's Music


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"Yosi: A lovely way to enjoy a rainy day"

UNDER A BIG BRIGHT YELLOW UMBRELLA: A dozen high-energy songs about such eclectic topics as selling salt in the Sahara, stinky feet, and more make up this original collection. With wisdom fit just for kids: "Cheese forms in between your toes/Leaches grow in a garden hose." -Suelain Moy, Parenting (September 2004)

"It's GREAT!"

"It's GREAT! 'Under a Big Bright Yellow Umbrella' is the perfect CD to play while jumping on the bed!" —Kenny Curtis, Program Director, XMKids, XM Satellite Radio (March 2004) - XM Satellite Radio

"A fresh sound from the first song to the last"

Singer-songwriter Yosi keeps it simple and keeps it silly – a formula that engages young listeners at his many live performances and translates well to this recording. A revved-up opening track called “Hole in the Ground” kicks things off by encouraging kids to do “the worm” and “get down and get wiggling.” Soon after, a reggae beat wafts through “Selling Salt in the Sahara,” which features vocals by Deb Lyons that will have listeners swaying and singing along. “The Stinky Blues,” a ditty about wet, smelly shoes (and feet), fittingly gives prominence to some blues hallmarks: gravelly singing, wailing harmonica, and rhythmic piano. Child singers (including several of Yosi’s family members), sound effects (train, quacking ducks, etc.) and a variety of music styles and instruments help maintain a fresh sound from the first song to the last. - Publishers Weekly, July 12th, 2004 - PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

"A Fan Base That Dances, Claps and Naps"

Better judgment may tell you to steer clear of a guy named Yosi with a guitar slung over his shoulder, but there is no need. Tribes of drippy new-agers do not trail Yosi, an Island Heights musician. Two-year-olds do. "They're funny," Yosi said after a recent Point Pleasant Concert for a crowd of clapping preschoolers. "They're actually star-struck by me. They'll say, 'Oh, we'll see you next week at the Ocean County Library show.' They know my schedule better than I do." Little wonder. The June release of "Under a Big Bright Yellow Umbrella." Yosi's third whimsical, genre-spanning CD for 2-to-9-year-olds, which is holding at No. 11 (down from its peak of No. 2) on the XM Satellite Radio Childrens' chart has won him honors including the Film Advisory Board's award of excellence. His success coincides with a schedule that most artists would call crazy. In addition to distributing the CD himself, this year Yosi will play 450 shows from New York to Virginia, most of them scattered around New Jersey. "I'll do three or four shows a day sometimes," said Yosi, whose full name is Yosi Levin. That can include "three festivals or a couple of private parties and a library show." At his shows, the barely-out-of-Pampers set peppers him with requests for "Hole in the Ground," a bouncy number about the burning desire to be a worm, or the hard-luck, smoky "Stinky Blues," for which his normally even-keeled voice goes gravely. He's a casual Fridays kind of performer who dons a theme outfit only when it's called for. It is a lifestyle, he said, that he can barely believe he lucked into. "Seven years ago, when my daughter was 3, I brought my guitar into her preschool" - Toms River Nursery School - " and the director liked it so much she gave me a tuition reduction to keep coming in and playing. From there it just mushroomed." New Gods, the Punk outfit he led from 1985 to 1989, while he was a Rutgers student, had little effect as a launch pad, he said. He became a counselor to the emotionally disturbed. "It just fizzled. I had no idea I'd ever do anything with music," he said. The career switch has been met with across-the-board thumbs-up from his own four children, ages 2 through 10. "Even the 10-year-old still likes it," he said proudly. "She's not the type of kid to put on airs. She doesn't have to be cool."
—Tammy La Gorce, NEW YORK TIMES (July 11, 2004, NJ Section) - NEW YORK TIMES

"A worthy addition to the world of music for children"

PreS-Gr 2–Yosi Levin’s third album for kids is a worthy addition to the world of music for children. He wrote 10 of the 12 offerings here. Great vocals, competent instrumentals, and an enthusiastic children’s chorus make these toe-tapping songs appealing. Guitars, harmonicas, trumpet, trombone, keyboard, drums, bass, piano, banjo, and saxophone are among the instruments played. Song styles include rock, rhythm ‘n blues, bluegrass, and folk. “Hole in the Ground” is where “I” want to be when “I” want to be a worm. Simple Simon is “Selling Salt in the Sahara.” One can play in the rain “Under a Big Bright Yellow Umbrella.” Stinky feet and shoes give one the “Stinky Blues.” “Where Do All Things Come From?” includes some interesting theories such as teachers from a petri dish and asparagus from outer space. Two very young children sing “My Flag” with piano accompaniment. Levin turns “Six Little Monkeys” into a wonderful rock song with the help of an enthusiastic children’s chorus. The “Train Medley” includes “New River Train,” “Down By the Station,” “Little Red Caboose,” and “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad.” “Friends Around the World” celebrates multinational friendships. “My Friend Juan” is sung in English and Spanish. “Sleepy Little Town” and “Me & My Balloon” are sweet lullabies. This album has already garnered an iParenting Media Award and a 2004 Film Advisory Board Award of Excellence, and “Hole in the Ground” reached #2 on XM Kids Radio in April. A solid addition for all libraries.–Beverly Bixler, San Antonio Public Library, TX - School Library Journal

"Under A Big Bright Yellow Umbrella - Yosi"

Guide Rating - (4 & 1/2 STARS out of 5)
The Bottom Line:
Yosi is great. This album is basically a talented dad goofing off with kids. It discusses the thoughts on every child's mind, such as "Where do all things come from? I wanna know!"

Full Review:
Yosi's "Under a Big Bright Yellow Umbrella" is a masterpiece. I love the combination of songs, Yosi's talent, and his sense of style.
One of my favorite tracks is "Train Medley" - "Ridin' on the New River Train", "Down by the Station", "Little Red Caboose", "I've Been Working on the Railroad/Dinah, Won't You Blow", all sung by Yosi's slightly raspy voice in a traditional but upbeat style.

Yosi reminds me of Raffi in many ways. Both use multicultural songs and various languages. They have similar voices and musical styles. I love them both. Yosi uses more original music and is more current and much closer to the rock end of the spectrum though.

Yosi's songs on this CD range from 'jump up and dance' songs to lullabye type ballads. I believe that most of the songs are original. Besides the "Train Medley" which is a new arrangement, he also uses the traditional children's song "Six Little Monkeys" (the alligator one, not the jumping on the bed one).

Yosi is frequently backed up by young children. The least harmonic track is probably the most touching. "That's My Flag" features the voices of several preschoolers. It's adorable.

Yosi does a great job of using many styles including rock, blues, pop, traditional, reggae and more. His songs are great for inspiring movement, humor, and thought processes as well as a love of music.

Yosi says his music is mostly geared toward preschoolers but I think parents and preteens will enjoy it as well.

- Fran Grauman, http://kidsmusic.about.com
(April, 2006)
- About.com

"Punk Baby!!"

Punk Baby! Punk rocker-turned-papa Yosi doesn't plunge into mosh pits anymore, but the catchy Ska & Pop on his Under A Big Bright Yellow Umbrella CD will have your tot pogo-ing like she's at CBGB's. And no kid will be able to resist Yosi's lowdown "Stinky Blues."

-BUNDLE Magazine (Spring, 2006) - Bundle

"Yosi & The Superdads"

"Groove to a high-energy concert by Yosi & Friends."

- New York, October 14, 2005 - New York (magazine)

"NPR 2009's Best Music For Kids, And Their Families"

This rock-heavy album maintains its outstanding multi-generational appeal by paying homage to the past while acknowledging the present. "B-E-A-C-H" conjures up images of surf, sand and Brian Wilson with surf guitar and bongo beats. "Yes We Can" turns kids' enthusiasm for the pesident into an upbeat and uplifting celebration of their own abilities. "So You Want to Be a Kid's Rock Star" uses the Byrds classic-rock tune to predict "with your business cards, you'll be playing backyards." - NPR

"Yosi is The Biggest Rock Star!"

For those too young to stay up for "American Idol," Yosi Levin is the biggest rock star there is! - Associated Press


Super Kids Rock! - 12 Song CD, 2009
And A Happy New Year - 13 Song Holiday Collaboration CD, 2009
What's Eatin' Yosi? -16 Song CD, 2006
Under a Big Bright Yellow Umbrella - 12 song CD, 2004
Monkey Business - 12 song CD, 2002
Little Kitty - 5 song EP, 1999



Award-winning children's recording artist, & performer, Yosi, with a string of Sirius/XM radio HITS performs at concert stages throughout the Northeast and beyond. From schools and library events to festivals, Yosi’s shows are whimsical and imaginative, featuring an enthusiasm that is both magical and infectious. Yosi has four multi-award-winning CDs and his music can be heard nationally on WXPN - Kids Corner, and Sirius and XM Satellite Radios.


'Super Kids Rock!' won NPR 2009's Best Music For Kids, And Their Families

'and a Happy New Year' won FOUR NATIONAL AWARDS, including Dr. Toy's 10 Best Audio/Video Tape/CDs – 2009, Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient , Winner of The National Parenting Center’s 2010 Seal of Approval

'What's Eatin' Yosi?' has won the 2006 Children's Music Web Award Best Recording for Younger Children (ages 5-8).

'Under a Big Bright Yellow Umbrella' was honored with SIX NATIONAL AWARDS: Dr Toy, Smart Play Smart Toy Award, 2004 NAPPA Honors Award, 2004 Children's Music Web Award Best Song of the Year (ages 5-8) - "Stinky Blues", 2004 National Parenting Seal of Approval , 2004 iParenting Media Award, & 2004 Adding Wisdom Award.