London, England, GBR

"Majestic alt-Rock for fans of Grizzly Bear, The National & Pink Floyd" Time Out



*update: Yossarian have been invited to play Tramlines Festival in Sheffield having applied through sonicbids
*update: Yossarian have been invited to play Hop Farm Festival 2012 alongside amongst others Bob Dylan, Suade, My Morning Jacket http://www.hopfarmfestival.com/line-up
*update: Yossarian have been chosen to play the Brighton Road To Blissfields Festival Final along with three other bands in March 2012
*update: Yossarian won the semi-final and will play Road to Benicassim Final at Power's Bar 15/02/12
*update: Yossarian have been chosen to play Road to Benicassim semi-final at Power's Bar, London 08/02/12
*update: Yossarian and Arrow Part 1 are to be featured on the spanish match of the day 'Fiebre Maldini' in March 2012

It all started with the Falklands. 20 years after the war had finished, an Argentine and an Englishman found themselves in a Madrid tapas bar surrounded by empty glasses of ca単as and discussing the symbolism of the Hand of God, the worthlessness of a cheat, and sovereignty over a jutting piece of frozen rock lost in the southern waters of the Atlantic Ocean. In spite of their efforts, they were unable to solve neither the enigma of Maradona nor Las Malvinas. The pair did however strike up a steadfast friendship united by their passion for music.

After a few years on the road Ash returned to his hometown of Brighton to join up with friends Sam and Morgan to form The Vanderpols. The band needed a lead guitarist but the many trials carried out to bring in a new member were met without success so Ash decided to call his old Argentine friend.

By then, Joaquin had got himself lost Down Under. A sailing trip from Christchurch to Suva in Fiji was lashed with torrential rain and battered with gale-force winds, forcing the boat to veer off course and seek refuge in Port Vila in Vanuatu. Joaquin's belongings were lost at sea and the boat was practically written off. When he read his friend's message, he had little choice but to fly to England.

The moment Joaquin set foot on English soil, he decided the direction of the band needed to change to a more guitar driven approach, whereas previously the band had been known for its complex multi-layered harmonies and haunting effects. In 2010 the band was renamed Yossarian as the essence of insanity, absurdity, and the lunacy of bureaucracy and war rang true with all 4 members.

Yossarian found its feet and took its first steps in the Brighton music scene. Shortly afterwards in 2011, all four members decided to move to London to record their first album. Yossarian's debut EP 'Three Songs' released in January 2012 is enjoying success in London and Madrid and a number of UK and European festivals are planned for the summer of 2012.


January 2012: Debut EP 'Three Songs'
1. Arrow Part 1
2. No Body Designs
3. Electric Fields

Set List

No Body Designs
God Gamble
Arrow Part 1
Nothing To Undo
Electric Fields
The Devil's Last Dance
7 Hours