You and Me

You and Me


You and Me are bringing back the basics of sweet/simple songwriting. Using acoustic instrumentation and rich vocal harmonies, they portray the tribulations of two lovers. Sweetly crafted songs with undeniable hooks that are sure to become favored among those who celebrate the soft and heavy heart.


Look up “Country-Folk” and you get quite an earful, but for lovers and partners in life Shawn Donnelly and Sandra J. of You and Me, these two little words now hit close to home. The couple recently moved from Montreal to the quiet, country mountain side of the Laurentians and find themselves applying the term to who they are and what they sound like . With a couple hood that spans over 13 years, this duo feel the rich country air has breathed new life into their relationship as well as their musical aspirations.

Working with other musicians for many years, they released their first full length album “The Romantic and the Realist” in 2007 and gained some attention from media and radio alike. With distribution across Canada their music reached some new fans and helped the band tour in Quebec, Ontario and on the east coast.

Of all their accomplishments, Shawn and Sandra J. are most proud of the fact that they continue to share a musical and home life and that every year brings them new prospects and growth. Although being a songwriter often means you air out your dirty laundry for everyone to see, the couple feel their audiences appreciate their sincere characters and simple love songs.

When the band formed in 2004, a close friend suggested they call themselves You and Me. It’s simple and sweet and at the end of the day, when all is said and done, it reflects a certain common ground. And there’s comfort in that. But ask the duo if they would consider it a good band name today, and you‘ll get another earful…..


The Romantic and the Realist (independent/LOCAL) 2007
1. x-x-x
2. head noise pollution
3. run
4. zip
5. plastic bubble wrap
6. search party
7. for five
8. in the still
9. looking after you
10. march
11. silently
12. rainy mid october
13. x-x-x

Quebec Emergent Compilation 2007

Patience and Prudence (3" CD) 2006
-For Five
-Search Party

vol. 01 / cd no. 02 (2004)
-Dots Garden
-Too Many Morals
-Plastic Bubble Wrap
-Gift Wrapped
-Dirty Air

vol. 01 / cd no. 01 (2004)
-Too Many Morals

Set List