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Désolé pour la traduction en français ,Pour ce qui auront du mal à piger , beh fallait apprendre l'anglais

Song: Houla la
Artist: youbenn
Track of the Day on 15Mar2005 in Dance
Best Male Vocals in Dance, week of 28Mar2005
Best Male Vocals in Dance, week of 11Apr2005
Best Male Vocals in Dance, week of 18Apr2005
Best Male Vocals in Dance, week of 9May2005
Best Male Vocals in Dance, week of 23May2005
Best Male Vocals in Dance, week of 13Jun2005
Best Female Vocals in Dance, week of 11Apr2005
Best Female Vocals in Dance, week of 23May2005
Best Guitars in Dance, week of 11Apr2005
Best Guitars in Dance, week of 18Apr2005
Best Drums in Dance, week of 11Apr2005
Best Bass in Dance, week of 11Apr2005
Best Bass in Dance, week of 18Apr2005
Best Bass in Dance, week of 27Jun2005
Best Lyrics in Dance, week of 11Apr2005
Best Melody in Dance, week of 11Apr2005
Best Melody in Dance, week of 16May2005
Best Melody in Dance, week of 27Jun2005
Best Beat in Dance, week of 11Apr2005
Most Original in Dance, week of 11Apr2005
Most Original in Dance, week of 9May2005
Feel Good Track in Dance, week of 18Apr2005
Rocking Track in Dance, week of 11Apr2005

International Songwriting Competition


Dear Ounnabi,

As the founder and director of the International Songwriting Competition, it is my honor and pleasure to personally congratulate you again and inform you that the song "Houla La" has won Honorable Mention in the "R&B/Hip-Hop" category in the 2005 International Songwriting Competition (ISC). We are very proud of this accomplishment and thank you for entering this song into ISC this year.

ISC received almost 15,000 entries from 82 countries throughout the world, so this acknowledgement of the song by ISC and its judges is a noteworthy achievement.

Please go to to view the complete list of winners.

Please note that you may use the content of this email and/or other emails to notify fans, press, and media that you are an ISC winner.

Again, congratulations, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors. We hope that the experience has been, and will continue to be, both a pleasurable and beneficial one. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if I can be of assistance to you in any way.

All the best,
Candace Avery

211 7th Avenue North, #LL-20
Nashville, TN 37219

Phone: 615-251-4441
Fax: 615-251-4442

Here is some reviews about the song Houla la, by garageband's music-lovers and pro reviewers from all around the world:

- Garageband

"Great tune!"

Great tune!
This is such a great tune! I like it a lot! I think everything is great here. The male and female vocals are very professional and it sounds so original. I have no negative critics.

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Female Vocals, Production.

Hamburg, Germany
June 12th, 200 - - Tigerforest

"OH SHIT! S-O-U-L!!!!"

OH SHIT! S-O-U-L!!!!

This is awesome! I would never listen to this sort of thing on my own free will, but now that I'm listening to it, I LOVE IT! It's so . . . FUN! I have nothing to bitch about for once . . . Woah. Everyone is on key, on time, and the eq is very clean. I HIGHLY suggest you keep it up. Best of luck to you!

Temecula, California
May 11th, 2005 - DJBeauRadio

"Cool "mano negra like""

Cool "mano negra like"
I know this sound from the old days when i used to go to mano negra concerts. The influences are there. Maybe it is cause of the french in it. Well it is definitely an original sound cause some things are added. The overall gives me a good feeling. The only thing i dont like is that the song stops somewhere in the middle.

Extra Credit: Originality.

- ffact
Langedijk, Noord Holland, Netherlands
May 7th, 2005 - - ffact

"Enya meets Santana"

Enya meets Santana
Very melodic opening mix, its like an Enya mixed with Santana or Ricky Martin. The arrangement of the song is very melodic and danceable. The vocals tho is kinda louder tan the music itself. But its sounds great tho. The continous voices of the backup singers are very engaging, full of soul and comfy feelings. The style of the song is very comfortable like a lounge music or some sort. The ending stopped at 3:33, its like its been cut off. Good music but dry ending, maybe needs more tweaking.

- Alexen
Long Beach, California
April 14th, 2005
- - Alexen



Chicago, Illinois
March 15th, 2005 - the REALBRIDGE


Sounds cool and happy.
I like the vocal drive melody,at verse and chorus.
I like the production and the vocals are wicked.
This is like an already seted artist with a chart song.
Great work.
The rap part is what i don't like but feets in todays production usual demands.
The only thing I would say is do an even better mix,a bit more wet maybe.
Can't say anything not positive.:)

Athens, Attica, Greece
March 15th, 2005

- doitmusic

"Oh la la lets DANCE!"

Oh la la lets DANCE!
Oh la la! Now this is more like it! A dance song that makes me want to dance! It sounds like the vocals are in French which I don't speak yet I feel I can understand the song. Excellent vocals on this track - backing female vocals really set the mood! The male vocalist has a great voice, love his tonal qualities. This is a fun dance track. I'd definitely buy your album!

- sisters
Hong Kong
May 11th, 2005 - - sisters

"Up And Coming"

Up And Coming
Hey I like the guitar. It's got a great cord that helps with the change of the cord in the bassline. The female has one powerful voice! I think I might've reviewed you a few moments ago with another song, so your certainly easy to remember and you definitely have your own sound. I like the male, as I've said, this kind of vocal is hard to pull off but this man knows how to do it. ohh-la-la to you too!

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Female Vocals, Production, Originality.

steve stephenson
Metairie, Louisiana
March 23rd, 2005 - steve stephenson

"Kick ass!"

Kick ass!
OO this sounds European for sure - not just the language (French?) but the overall sound, very melody is very euro-sounding. Love this beat, it's got a punch to it that sounds very original. Vocals are amazing, production is very good, formula of song is clear and the song has a gr8 build to it. Excellent, this song has radio potential!

extra Credit: Production, Beat, Originality, Best Dance Track.

Boston, Massachusetts
April 4th, 2005 - -eurogirl


Sunday Matinee


Feeling a bit camera shy


Here's a real story: with no bla bla bla..

Right from the earliest days as a teenager performing at school and local parties, he has wowed people with his remarkable voice and completely natural charm. Influenced from the beginning by American music and Hip Hop, and fascinated by Gainsbourg, Stevie Wonder, and groups such as Cool & The Gang, Metalica, and even P.diddy, youbenn was drawn to the difficult path of songwriter/composer. Despite his youth, he began to make a name for himself in the local scene. He increased the time he spent rehearsing and giving live performances; this was the start of his career.

“I’ve learned and improved by working very hard over several years and I don’t feel I’ve lost anything, on the contrary”.
youbenn teamed up with billydan, the DJ who provides the groove, momo, who gives an oriental touch on the drums, cyril, who provides the vibration on bass guitar, and yan-dl for the guitar shakes. Working with them, he created his own style and from 1998 they performed together in France and abroad: “Fêtes de la musique, et de l'humanité” (Festivals of Music and Humanity) at Paris, a concert halls in local area , and festivals in Spain and Morocco. The number of fans grew and grew.
In 2000 he recorded SYNDROME DU SHOWBIZ and MACHOMANIA. Record companies showed little interest, however, so he concentrated on his writing and composing while still continuing his live performances and studio sessions. He never stopped evolving and by 2002 he had found an approach that was completely individual and launched a solo career.
In the songs and music youbenn creates, each song comes from his experiences and life, and even the most rhythmic music shows a melodic lightness. Même si.., a subtle mix of oriental rhythms and R&B, is a confirmation of this approach. It’s a ballad with a very delicate melodic layer and a vocal interpretation filled with a remarkable emotion, a story of love and life set to music.

Drawing on his Moroccan roots and his experiences, combining current music styles and styles from around the world, youbenn has created a driving urban style in the contemporary music landscape. More and more fans are discovering this fusion of pop, ragga, R&B and music from around the world; his ballads and dance numbers, such as HOULA LA, or 1, 2, 3, REVES have always been a favorite with cutting-edge fans.

“It’s really fun and exciting to see people singing my songs at concerts. It’s something special. It gives me a boost. I think of it when I wake up each morning. It’s the best possible stimulus!”

These songs are a story of daily life, states of the soul and moments of pleasure, where the vocal accents and the sounds create a style that is always filled with humor. Sometimes it’s based on a funny story improvised during a session that made everyone there double up with laughter; that was how songs such as YALA YALA, Titti and CHERY CHERIE were created - collective improvisation after messing around.
As one of the musicians says, “youbenn’s style often takes us by surprise. That’s what makes him different from the rest…”
to be continued.....