Narfle the Garthok

Narfle the Garthok


Every Zuro since the dawn of time, when the three moons of Remulak align, THE GARTHOK WILL APPEAR. Where the Garthok is, there shall also be Brutal Breakdowns, Two-Stepping, and face melting shred. The Garthok has come, so prepare for aural ingestion of mass quantities.


Forged in the Crucible of a hard nights skate, Narfle the Garthok has ushered in the end of Remulak as we know. After landing in one of the most heavily amish populated areas in the United States, Narfle the Garthok perpetuated hardcore and alternative metal for anyone willing to spin kick, floor punch, or whatever wacky dance suits them.


What About the Dinosaurs?

Written By: Narfle the Garthok

This song goes out to the kids who think for themselves, living in a world with trendy fashion tv. No More Lies. We will not take any more of your filthy lies. We realize...You mislead us, you deceived us, now were fucking fed up. Its time to overthrow the stranglehold you have on our minds, rise up. Realize that there is more to life than you're told. What about the dinosaurs? What about the dinosaurs? How can you blindly deny All of the evidence before you? Oh how you Blissfully lie. Oh how you blissfully lie with the evidence right before your blind eye. What about the Dinosaurs? What about the dinos? What about the Dinosaurs? What does it say about them in your bible?


Wicked Stylee EP (Under Construction) ft.
What About the Dinosaurs
Herbie wants to be a Dentist
Wicked Stylee
and more!

Set List

Our set currently is all original and typically ranges from 30-45 minutes. Our current set list is:
Intro to Garthok
Pop Rocks
Wicked Stylee
Herbie Wants to be a Dentist
Limp Bizkit (but let us not forget...)
What about the Dinosaurs?