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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019

Los Angeles, California, United States
Established on Jan, 2019
Duo Pop Alternative




"Young León And Charcuterie Team Up To Celebrate Beachy, Summer Vibes On “Coastal Café”"

Yes, you read the Buzzfeed-esque, Zoomer headline — as cheesy and clichéd as it may seem, Young León and Charcuterie really do have an excellent ability conjure vibes that cannot be described in any way other than “beachy” and “summer-y.” Never has this been more evident than on their new, aptly-named single “Coastal Café,” which dropped on July 10.

“With everything going on right now, we wanted to provide an outlet to recharge the mind, and hopefully give out what we’d consider a cheap vacation from the everyday life of now,” Young León told American Songwriter. León is the vocalist of the duo and Charcuterie provides the production and beats. Despite their creative partnership being less than a year old, the duo has instantly clicked and the effortlessness of their collaboration is apparent on the track.

“We make music for ourselves and friends,” León said. “We put it out for anyone who wants to listen. I write my best when I’ve spent time out with friends during the weekend enjoying the outdoors. Being able to combine the experiences into a song only provides us the most upbeat and vibe’n content. A nice view from the studio also helps!”

With an indie-pop-esque soundscape, “Coastal Café” features a series of plucky samples, warm melodic hooks and León’s glossy vocals. The feel-good style of the song is reminiscent of the summer blockbuster indie-pop hits from the Obama-era — perhaps a purposeful nod, considering that Young León and Charcuterie were hoping to offer a blissful escape of sorts.

“The lyrics depict a budding couple embarking on a much-needed vacation to the city coastline and getting lost in each other’s ways,” León said. “If we can cheer people up for two minutes during this song in these unprecedented times, that’s all we can ask for.” - America Songwriter


Seattle based duo Young León and Charcuterie have released seven songs together since their initial collaboration back in 2019. Their most recent release, “Sippn’,” features a laid-back, relaxed vibe. This new single comes after their previous release, “Coastal Café.” “Sippn’” is the type of song you play with the windows down in your car while you drive down to the beach with the salty sea air coming through.

We had the chance to sit down with 1/2 of Young León and Charcuterie to talk about their new release, how they’ve been passing the time, as well as what they look forward to doing when the time is right and it’s safe to resume everyday, normal life.

For our readers who are unfamiliar with yourselves, can you tell us a little about yourselves and how you all started this musical endeavor?

Young León: “Charcuterie (Aaron) and I have actually been friends since middle school. It wasn’t until last year, summer, we had a few friends over who requested I play one of my songs off Soundcloud. Given the positive response from our friends, he hit me up that we should make music together. He promised to make compelling beachy beats while I bring in the lyrics and vocals!“

This new release, “Sippn’,” can you take us through the creative process? What is the meaning behind the song?

YL: “Charcuterie had sent me Sippn’ back in winter. I woke up and played it on my 6am walk to work through Seattle and immediately grasped a chorus and hook. Sometimes a beat just hits you like that, where you vibe with the track so much it just comes to you. I wanted the song to describe a summer evening in Seattle, providing nostalgic, yet energetic feel.”

What inspired your guys’ sound? If you could sum up your guys’ sound in a sentence or so, what would you describe it as?

YL: “A lot of the sound stems from punk rock bands like Green Day / Blink 182 / Beach Boys as well as artists like Kid Cudi, Slightly Stoopid, and Shwayze. In one sentence I’d say, ‘We make music for your beach.”’”

COVID-19 has thrown the world a curveball. What have you guys’ been doing to pass time and keep busy?

YL: “Just been making content! Been spending a lot of time connecting with fans on social media. Made a few TikToks...”

If you could make a small quarantine playlist with your current favorite songs, what would be on the playlist?

YL: “Anything Tame Impala, Dominic Fike — throw in some Electric Guest and Goth Babe.”

What are you guys looking forward to most once the world gets back to “normal?”

YL: “Our first live show!! So many releases to come, we wanna perform!“

If someone who had never listened to you guys and came to your Spotify page, what song would you want them to listen to first?

YL: “I think Sippn’ may be our favorite song. It’s our most professional sounding and really shows the vibe we’re going for. ‘High Tides’ and ‘Yawny’ are a good second and third.”

How would you want fans to listen to your new music if they could create the perfect listening setting?

YL: “Oh man, some songs — perfect for a sunset! Others are great for a party. I imagine listening to Sippn’ on the beach, playing volleyball with a few hard seltzers. Just positive flow.”

To finish this up, do you have a message for your supporters? And do you have a message for those who have yet to discover you?

YL: “As you guys know 2020 has been a ride so far. No matter the work you do (whether it’s work from home, you’re an essential worker, protesting, business owner, etc.) we just want to remind people with our music the importance to recharge before heading back into the groove. We’re lucky enough to keep releasing new music and will continue to bring the fiya.” - Unclear Mag

"INTERVIEW: Rising Stars Young León and Charcuterie"

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hello! We’ve been great, spending the past few weeks in La, working on more music.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Dance Clothes”?

This was actually one of our more edm sounding songs. I had asked Aaron (Charcuterie) to make something as uplifting as our first release – High Tides. This was the result! Not sure if you’ve seen the drunk astronaut gif, but that’s pretty much what we were envisioning when we wrote this song.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Honestly, with the lack of dance festivals this year, we felt it was right to do our part to make up for it. We wanted to make sure people still had something energetic to vibe to during these lowkey times.

Any plans to release any sort of video for the track?

No music videos as of yet – lately we’ve been crafting mini videos to showcase our music.

How was the recording and writing process?

The recording process was actually pretty entertaining for our studio engineer, Derrick (aka Dstevemixes). We all grew up through high school and he said it was the highest he’s ever heard my voice LOL. I had to drink tons of water (few Pacifico’s as well) before hitting some of those notes.

What role does Seattle play in your music?

Seattle has soo many great well known artists like Nirvana, Jimi, Cornell! We’re just getting connected with local artists around us – looking to hopefully have some features soon. Seattle’s known for it’s grunge but we’re willing to bring something a little different.

Do you tend to take a different approach when you are working together rather than working on your own?

Typically Charcuterie will send me over a beat and we’ll make some adjustments as i flow to it. As of these recent few weeks, while I’ve been in LA with Charcuterie we’ve been producing beats and vocal melodies together. We’ve both got our strengths and weaknesses so it’s a much easier and professional process when we’re in the room together working on a track.

Does the new single mean we can expect a new material – how’s that coming along?

Tracks coming out till 2021 baby! During the beginning of Summer we were releasing a new song about every other week. We’ve got a few more tracks finished up our sleeves, they’re more on the – hip/hop vibe. Expecting a release once a month.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

For our next jam we’re thinking mid September. It’s got a clubby hard hitting beat. I just heard it mixed for the first time last night and WOW – we were ready to release it right there. I think people are going to be surprised with these new couple songs – definitely outside our typical beach tunes.

What else is happening next in your world?

Just hangin! Just bought a new longboard this week to ride the CA boardwalks. Charcuterie decided he’s now vegan (not sure what that means for his stage name..) Also yesterday my laptop broke soo on my way to fix that now! - VENTS Magazine

"Chill out to Young León & Charcuterie’s new single “Sippn'”"

Since 2019, Young León & Charcuterie have been collaborating and developing their signature mellow sound. Charcuterie’s chill beats and Young León’s care-free vocals have helped this Seattle-based duo produce catchy alternative pop tracks like “From The Patio” and “Coastal Cafe.”

Their latest single, “Sippn’” adheres to the duo’s notable style and evokes an easy-going vibe. Slow winding lyrics provide a glimpse of a sunny Seattle evening complete with late-night happy hours, good company and ingredients for a relaxing evening.

“Ever have a long day at work? Us too. That’s why we wanted a song to give us those post-work / after school vibes,” the duo revealed.

Fans can look forward to more music from Young León & Charcuterie soon. - ECHO

"Young León Chat New Single “Coastal Cafe” & Favourite Artists"

After forming last year, Young León – made up of vocalist Tanner Leon and beatmaker Charcuterie (Aaron) – have taken it upon themselves to get their name, and their music, out to as many people as possible and currently have half a dozen tracks available for fans to check out. Their latest single, “Coastal Café” is a highlight of their offerings and built on chill vibes but with plenty of warm tones and rhythms. PopWrapped caught up with Young León to find out more about the duo’s formation and the part they want to play in the music industry.

At what age did you both first realize you wanted to make music a career and prior to that, did you have any other ambitions? Do you have any regrets over the path you chose to take?

Young León (Tanner): Charcuterie and I had both grown up around music. When we were kids, I had been taking guitar lessons while Charcuterie had been learning drums. I eventually started getting into freestyle challenges with high school friends and practicing guitar with small bands here and there. Eventually, I bought my own studio equipment when I was 19, which is when I started working on singing/song-writing. During high school, Charcuterie had been traveling around the country with his punk rock band, which later fizzled out. Prior to our collaboration, Charcuterie and I had been working with a start-up idea focused around augmented reality. As things had begun slowing down with that, we decided to take on new ventures. Whether it music or our next tech start-up idea – we’ve been doing what we enjoy, no regrets yet!

How did the two of you first meet and what would you each say the other brings to the duo?

Charcuterie and I had met in middle school, around 8th grade, and had been roommates through the first couple of years of college. Being a drummer, Charcuterie’s got a great sense of timing and keeping me on track when it comes to recording. He’s also consistent with the production he sends over. Young León on the other hand is more up to date with music trends, and keeping lyrics fun and engaging. Having both members with backgrounds in punk/pop music and even beach rap is what makes us unique.

Where did the name Young León come from?

Young León comes from just my last name. And because I’m young; at heart at least.

Which artists and bands might you say your sound is most inspired or influenced by and how do those influences filter into the music you make?

A major part of our sound comes from the music we listen to every day. Most of my ideas originate from artists like Slightly Stoopid and Sublime. When newer artists like Shwayze and Aer came out, I was like if these young dudes are killing, I should really see what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. Those two bands are the ones who really inspired me to get into music. Now we’ve got artists like Dominic Fike who are having major success, that we listen to and really resonate with the sound. We enjoy the beach vibes and sunny music.

You only started working together last year but already have six tracks available for streaming and there are more to come; is making music something that really comes that easily to you or do you occasionally find there are challenges to overcome?

Music definitely has its challenges, especially being a new artist looking to get heard. We’re constantly coming up with different types of songs, just to see what works best with our audience. It depends how you look at it though – that’s the joy about being so new, we’ve got so much room to experiment with our sound.

Tell me about your new single “Coastal Cafe.” Is there a particular story or idea behind it, and what do you want those who hear the track to take from it?

As many of us have felt these unprecedented times of 2020, we wanted to share a memory of what it was like before all this: campfires, hiking, and swimming all week. This song describes a moment with a friend that you may have had a history with in the past. After a few ups and downs, you find yourself in the perfect place to reconnect. In that instant, everything feels great. But you’re unsure if things will end up the same way they did. You end up going for it anyway because the days are only so short. However things may end up, this song is meant to bring back the feeling of the right moment on a Summer evening.

Given that you’re a modern-day duo, to what extent might you say social media is helping/hindering your career, and do you think there are any downsides to the seeming reliance so many of us, both as individuals, artists, and organizations, etc, seem to have on it? Do you believe it would be possible for bands and artists to truly build a following without it in this day and age?

Social media is the bees knees for artist recognition. It’s a great way to connect with fans and understand your audience. It’s so important to make your brand unique and stand out among others online. If you can do that, you’re golden. I’d honestly recommend looking into how Lil Nas was able to gain so much traction on his music – a lot of respect to him understanding and providing insight on capturing peoples’ attention online these days. Especially during times like this, the amount of livestream shows I’ve watched have been unmeasurable. It’s a great way to be with fans, even if you can’t be in person.

How is the Corona Virus affecting your plans as artists and what have you been doing in the few months since the world all but ground to a halt? How is the rest of your year currently looking, or do you not actually know as yet?

As a lot of us had assumed, we thought Coronavirus was going to blow over in a few weeks. That just wasn’t the case. For us to continue releasing music during these uncertain times has been strange. It has also allowed us to really take time and understand what we’re doing this for. We want to provide music as a sort of mini-vacation away from what’s going on. Not to say what’s going on isn’t important, but it’s also necessary to take a step back and recharge. We’ve actually got over a dozen new songs we’re looking to release from now through the Winter. In fact, we’re releasing 4 new songs this month if you wanna keep an eye on that!

What’s the first thing you’re hoping to do when some sense of normality returns to us all?

Get a live show! Drinks on us.

The music industry has been hit hard, with venues in particular affected by having to close. With that in mind, as and when the live music starts up again, which venue in the world would you most like to play and why?

Drumroll, please! Gonna have to say, The Gorge Amphitheater. It’s a Pacific Northwest favorite and has been a place my friends and I have seen some of the best performances from live bands. The view is great. You can relax on the hillside, or trot down to the stage and get wild. With artists like John Mayer, Lana Del Rey, and Tame Impala, you’ve gotta go if you haven’t been!

Finally then; it’s safe to say that much of the world and the industries within it may never quite be the same after Corona, so with that in mind, where do you see the future of the music industry going and what shape do you think it will be in as and when it recovers if it indeed can and does at all? What part would you like to play in the re-emergence of an industry that brings so much pleasure to people?

To be honest, I’m not sure what to expect. As soon as things seem to calm down, something new comes around the corner. We’ve learned to take things one day at a time; if things change, we’ll evolve and make it work. When it comes to playing a part in the industry, we just want to provide entertainment. We’ll keep bringing new music, and if people like it – awesome.

Check out “Coastal Café” below and for more information on Young León, visit their website, give their page a like on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. - PopWrapped


Seattle based duo Young Leon & Charcuterie know a little pick me up can go a long ways, and today they’re giving us one with their new single “Sippin.”

Explaining the meaning behind the track, the duo said, “Ever have a long day at work? Us too. That’s why we wanted a song to give us those post-work / after school vibes. This song provides a small taste of a Seattle sunny evening – referencing crossing the bridge to the Eastside of town, late-night happy hours, and good company. It’s what we’re good at.”

Young León (Tanner) and Charcuterie (Aaron) have been creating the perfect party tracks since last year. Although the two were friends since middle school, they started making music together last year when their side projects finally aligned. Young León and Charcuterie come from different backgrounds, and also have diverse sets of musical inspirations – ranging from Shwayze to Green Day.

Check out “Sippin” below! As you listen, the guys encourage you to check out Seattle’s chapter of Friends Of The Children – an organization that strives to end generational poverty by linking up children who face systemic obstacles with mentors. Click here to learn more and donate! - Plnk Wifi


Whether it’s a weekday or a weekend, when you’re in the mood to get loose and enjoy yourself – you deserve to do just that. Young León and Charcuterie have been devoted to creating the perfect tunes for the occasion. Their new single “Dance Clothes” will satisfy your cravings for fun!

The guys shared, “We wanted to close out to summer with our most upbeat track, ‘Dance Clothes.’ Although there aren’t any open dance clubs or concerts this season (Chainsmokers we see u) we felt it was necessary to bring the festival to the living room.”

Such. A. Mood.

Last year, Tanner and Aaron, aka Young León and Charcuterie set out on a mission to create pop tracks that will bring the vibes of a sunny beach party right to your ears. The Seattle-based duo have been friends since middle school, but just hadn’t started making music together until last year. Once you put your own “Dance Clothes” on, you’ll be jamming out and wanting more from these two… and they’ll be giving it to you soon!

Listen to “Dance Clothes” below, and say hi to the guys on Instagram @water.melon and @theonecharcuterie - Plnk Wifi

"Listen to “MOONLIGHT” by Young León"

Los Angeles-based artist, Young León, has been honing in his craft in alternative pop since 2016. He began making music and posting to SoundCloud until he connected with his longtime friend, Charcuterie. Young León serves as the duo's vocalist - the two officially started collaborating in 2019.

With influences that bring out mellow beach vibes and sunny weather, he set onto making music that would capture both, blending them into the soundtrack of Summer and old friends.

Moonlight is a beautifully timeless alternative pop take on the best of Young León. Totally distinct yet also contains so much of what makes that band great.

In any case, it's a good thing Young León is there to keep things down to earth stylistically because Moonlight is off in an entirely different galaxy. And is about as normal as he gets, and even then, those synthesized vocals and that dense industrial sound are hard to ignore. - Ace Sway

"Young León - Moonlight"

© Artwork: CTTO / Young León

Discover ‘Moonlight’ by Young León
- Original Song -
- Adrian Prath

"Artist Highlight: YOUNG LEÓN"

Moonlight" doesn't waste a second to infect you with a skeletal percussion to skin and bone contagious and dancing immediately establishing a moonlit nocturnal emotional atmosphere. Infinite highlight to the youthful rebellious emotions brought by the quirky unique vocal performance behind the microphone loaded with effects that amplify even more the melancholic mood! It would be a crime not to mention the excellent bedroom production and alternative ideas associated with this nocturnal gem.

You can check out the released music below. If you like what you hear, make sure to follow along so you can stay on top of future releases. - The Pigeon


Little freshness of the day, Youg Léon takes us for a ride on the moon with "Moonlight", an Emo Bedroom Pop ballad with pure melancholy and resounding groove on a background of light Drum'n'Bass.

"Moonlight" by Young Léon comes at the right time to liven up our summer evenings, a song that brings contagious sound energy and that will make you melt for its controlled eclecticism. But he is not alone in operating. Behind this beautiful project hides in fact Young León (Tanner) and Charcuterie (Aaron), together they create alternative pop songs for the beach.

Based in Los Angeles, Young Léon imposes himself with a powerful and sensual voice on an accelerated and cadenced rhythm that makes you want to dance directly. A real pleasure for the ears, this sound is perfect for a cocktail and sun lounger please...

Thanks to a production that suffers from no fault of taste, and arrangements worthy of the greatest, Youg Léon embarks the time of the song in a beautiful parenthesis. That of a high quality where the genres mingle, and intersect to reveal themselves with perfect harmony.

"Moonlight" is a great way to cut with the moment to dive into something enjoyable and addictive. Listen now below - Iggy Magazine

"Introducing Los Angles-based Talented Pop Duo "Young León!""

We present to you the talented emerging duo based in Los Angeles of the Pop genre "YOUNG LEÓN" who are promoting their latest single "Moonlight" which is a very energetic song full of very modern and interesting sounds that you will not be able to get out of your head.

The song "Moonlight" is undoubtedly a very energetic theme that you should give a try since its sounds manage to create an incredibly interesting trance environment, since its sounds manage to wrap you in its surprising atmosphere being a theme that focuses in a story of a road trip which is affected by a car failure, being a fairly common theme in travel.

Young León (Tanner) and Charcuterie (Aaron) have been creating alternative pop songs for the beach party scene since 2019, achieving a fusion of artistic ideas from the best of both composers, making "YOUNG LEÓN" a very fresh proposal with a great future and stories to tell.

You can listen to the full song through the biography of Young León - End Sessions

"Musosoup Features | July 2022"

Los Angeles-based alternative pop duo Young Leon and Charcuterie have been making music together since 2019. They have been friends since middle school but only been making music together when their projects aligned a year ago.

On July 1st, they released their newest single Moonlight on all platforms. This energetic alternative pop song will rewind you into the past of lively a past summer evening. - The Minimalistic Music


L.A.-based artist, Young Leon, has been busy releasing a string of catchy pop singles over the last two years. Their latest, "Moonlight", features hypnotic vocal flows over a well-produced and dancey beat.

We added the single to our Indie POP! playlist on Spotify. You can check out the rest of their music below. If you like what you hear, make sure to follow along so you can stay on top of future releases! - CARMEN RICONO


Moonlight - Single (2022)

Gold Teeth - Single (2022)

Wassup - Single (2021)

Roomba - Single (2020)

How Bout - Single (2020)

Dance Clothes - Single (2020)

High Tides (Low Tides Remix) (2020)

Coastal Cafe - Single (2020)

Sippn' - Single (2020)

From the Patio - Single (2020)

Cappuccino - Single (2020)

Palms - EP (2019)

  • Getaway Car
  • Daylight to Midnight
  • Offshore
  • Beach Bum
  • High Tides
  • Yawny



Los Angeles-based artist, Young León, has been honing in his craft in alternative pop since 2016. He began making music and posting to SoundCloud until he connected with his longtime friend, Charcuterie . Young León serves as the duo's vocalist - the two officially started collaborating in 2019. 

With influences that bring out mellow beach vibes and sunny weather, he set onto making music that would capture both, blending them into the soundtrack of Summer and old friends.

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