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Young Lit Hippy

Portland, OR | Established. Jan 01, 2019 | SELF | AFM

Portland, OR | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2019
Solo Hip Hop Singer/Songwriter




"Rebel Buzz Interview"

From Portland, Oregon, Young Lit Hippy has an uplifting catchy soul vibe to his music, along with a very unique voice and lyrics. He has built a buzz throughout the city by opening for artists such as Snoop Dogg, Curren$y, Riff Raff, Camron, The Underachievers, G-Herbo, Smoke DZA, Nyck Caution and more under his alter ego “Mic Mar”.

During that time Young Lit Hippy released his most popular music video “Good Morning” which has reached about 15k views from purely the local buzz. After that the music kept moving, and fast.

Young Lit Hippy took a hiatus after his last project he released summer of 2018 “The Bird EP”. Focused on creating a better structure and sound for his music he has been out in Los Angeles working in the studio.

August 8th, 2019 Young Lit Hippy dropped his first song since his hiatus called "Adding Up" featuring the very unique producing duo ED1T. Since then the song is now his most popular one to date racking up over 60k plays on Spotify. He has also recently released another track "Can - Not" in October that has around 3k plays at this time. He also had his first show in a year on November 1st, in Los Angeles at the Blackbox Theater. According to some of his latest posts on Instagram it looks like he will be dropping some visuals soon as well. We hope its to "Adding Up".

What does the word rebel mean to you?

To me it means someone that does things their own way, and isn’t pressured by society to conform.

Who’s your top 3 rebels?

I would have to say Edward Snowden, Martin Luther King Jr. and Tupac

What’s the most rebellious thing you’ve ever done?

It’s hard to say for sure, but one time I did break into my school after hours and vandalized the gymnasium. It was nothing permanent but definitely was a pain in the ass for the staff. I was never caught.


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Twitter: @younglithippy - The Rebel Buzz


I don't want to talk about it, I'm all about that action yeah/ look for satisfaction until I do I keep on adding up/ stack it up and build it up until I feel it's real enough/ fall in love with things and at the same time they be killing us/ Get it it's the perfect time/ perfect time for getting mine/ learning how to minimize so my life can be supersized/ I know that they be mad at us, all these things be adding up/ I know that they be mad at us, all these things be adding up 

Verse 1 (Young Lit Hippy) 

Not doing this for the fame 

next level is super saiyan

balling like a shot caller swerving on them like I'm Dame

when I'm in the neighborhood I realized that I had it good 

but I took advantage until now I never understood 

I felt I had to make it up, and that's why I had to change it up 

they showing us the way but dammit they ain't making us 

Fucking with my conscious When I'm listening to nonsense 

I don't live on a promise I just get what I want that's why I got it 

That's real, I put that shit on everything, everything, that's how I learned to cherish things/ 

Word of mouth is how I got me where I'm at/ 

I'm tired of putting a lot in where I never get back and that's a shame/ 

yeah, yeah that's a shame/ (yah ooh) 


Get it it's the perfect time/ perfect time for getting mine/ learning how to minimize so my life can be supersized/ I know that they be mad at us, all these things be adding up/ I know that they be mad at us, all these things be adding up 


Second Verse (Young Lit Hippy) 

All these things be adding up 

Life’s just like a movie get the camera 

Trials and tribulations could’ve brought me down 

Instead it made me better with a newer sound 

Real or fake tell me what’s the difference 

Cause lately I can’t tell what their intention is 

Refuse to be controlled by a system 

No longer feeling sorry as a victim 

Show only through action you can count on us 

Big difference from a rookie to an amateur 

The plot thickens this god given its prewritten 

I needed distance from people wanting the Wrong attention 

Things in life seem old but new 

It’s seems like life repeats itself 

And I just noticed the loop 

Run it up I double up I can be the one too 

If you around fake people then truly that’s on you



Portland Rapper Young Lit Hippy took it to new heights this time...Literally! In his new music video "Damian Lillard" he is seen sitting on the Welcome to Portland Oregon sign.  
"Literally was one of the scariest things I've done.  Literally had to climb up the building from the side.  But the shot was worth it, it's iconic, it's Portland!!!!" 
I titled the song Damian Lillard because he is such a great representation of our city.  "The energy he puts towards his craft in the game of basketball is how I inspire to be towards my music"

You can check out the video here
Also take a dive deeper into Young Lit Hippy's new album "Psychological Warfare" now on all platforms

AMG Artist Young Lit Hippy discusses his latest album “Psychological Warfare”.

Young Lit Hippy is from Portland Oregon & moved to LA 2 years ago.

He dropped 3 projects this year including an EP called pure intentions.

His latest album that he’ll be releasing on December 31st is called Psychological warfare. He described it as a recap “in a weird way” of 2020.

Hippy acknowledged the negativity  that has come out of 2020 but from the bad, he feels, will come good.

Just like when a fire burns a forest down, it can be a good fertilizer to what grows next YLH expressed. so will light come from the darkness of 2020. 

Psychological warfare addresses the emotional balance in life in general & 2020 specifically. It is a combination of deep thought & an in the moment party vibe.

There’s a lot of self reflection in the music & it was a process of omitting self doubts.

When I asked Hippy how this project is different than previous ones, he said: “I was looking for a bigger sound, a better sound. I outsourced the mixing & mastering. All my other projects have been mixed by myself. This project was mixed by Dee Kei mixes & that is going to be one of the biggest differences in the sound."

“Since quarantine,” He continued “ I’ve just been creating a lot of music, learning what realm I want to be in sonically. Not jumping around too much and finding the spot I can feel like: I’m cool with this, I don’t need to force anything, it just sounds like me. Im young lit hippy & this is my sound.”

Young Lit Hippy explained to me that “Everyone has a point where they’re either going up or down, and you have to make a choice. I feel like I had that point earlier in my career when I first moved to LA. I came to LA more for guidance than to find out what I’m going to do.

I had to push through the self doubt & decide if I’m going up or down. I’ve decided to go all the way up.”

Be sure to keep an ear out from Psychological warfare from Young Lit Hippy dropping just in time for the end of 2020, to carry us over from this year, help us decipher the madness & bring us into 2021 refreshed & in a new light.

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