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Check out the headliner: a young rapper who goes by the name of Young 6ixx. Young 6ixx (real name Danny Johnson) will defy your perception of young rappers. He relates in an interview that growing up in the West Coast of the States was a lot like what you see on TV and movies. Gangs ruled the streets and violence was rampant but he adds, “there are kids who don’t go down that route, and those are the guys I’m trying to represent [with my music].”

His dad was part of a gang, and 6ixx himself spent years in the Armed Forces; so you won’t find references of drive-by shootings or any ass-kicking in his songs. But rest assured, the love for the ladies still remains—just check out the video to his song “Devil In A Dress”! Based in Germany, 6ixx admits that his relocation has to do with differentiating himself from the typical rapper. His appearance for Hennessy Artistry marks his first in our fair nation—although, we were amused to discover on his MySpace that we were named Maylaysia and Kula Lumpar! Spellcheck maladies aside, we’re still pretty excited to catch what this self-admitted shy guy has to offer.

Inspiration works in mysterious and unpredictable ways. Young 6ixx, a former enlisted man turned rising emcee out of Riverside, California, had never even considered pursuing hip hop until he found his calling while stationed overseas in Germany a few years ago. Now boasting a sizeable European following, the 23-year-old is ready to bring his craft to the states. With his charismatic, exhaustingly unintelligible delivery (think Fat Lip from the Pharcyde), he is sure to turn a head or two. His new single, My Music, showcases his unique vocal approach in three 16-bar verses about, well, his music. He is aided by producer Michael “M.I.C” Lewis, whose sample-filled beat always keeps you guessing with its varied percussion. Check out more 6ixx on his upcoming mixtape, First Impression of a Legend.

- charlie E


Hello, The one,



The transition from the streetz to the fame is usually the hardest transition for most Artist and the Biggest,but not for Young6ixx(Born Danny Johnson). In 2005 Young6ixx was discharge from the United states Army,to return home and find the change from green to gray(soldier to civilian) would be the hardest and biggest challenged he has come to face.

Accustomed to The military Lifestyle ,Young6ixx often found himself struggling to fit in with the day to day normal life of a civilian. With only a few options to resort too,6ixx turned to Music.Sixx quickly enlisted the help of partners and longtime friends Chris “Robbin Reagal” and Francois “Lo” Wise to help run the company I.A.R entertainment(It's A rap!!), and kept a good contact to JJ "Beast"Aponte, who he met while serving in the army and first recruited 6ixx to his independent Label (Best Out Entertainment.). Not just limited to music as a recording Artist, Young6ixx is multi talented artist who can do it all. Its time to put Riverside on the map.

Young6ixx is positioning himself to be at the forefront of the revival of the westcoast. Sick of the lack of quality music and the way the west coast rap is portrayed through the media, Young6ixx is going against the grain to shed a new light on the west coast music scene.So Three(3) mixtapes and two (2) itunes releases later,and over 500+ shows Sixx passion and penchant for making music has made him the Artist to be on the look out for. Young6ixx has opened up for many major acts,such as G-unit, Fat Joe, Olivia,Cassidy,Fabolous,Mike Jones, Joe Budden, Ying Yang twins,Paul Wall, and many more.. and rocked stages with some of the greatest. Young6ixx has been booked throughout Europe and as far east as Malaysia, on the own merit of his Music.

Young6ixx sound is far from the typical westcoast artist, his voice is new and His energy from his performance is motivating. The lyrical content is witty , upfront and fun. When young6ixx is asked how he would describe himself and his sound he responds, " I am Mr. 1 of 1" and he truely is.