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Young Ace

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Ace (n.) - -An expert in a given field (adj.) Top-Notch; First-Rate Of the highest quality; "a crack shot" A hidden advantage or resource kept in reserve until needed.


The Movement
In an age where most teens are so easily negatively influenced by their surroundings and tend to follow most of what they see happening around them, you can understand why Young Ace is unique. Hip-hop is in a different state of mind and making a dramatic change in music it self and in the urban communities. As hip-hop continues to change, your over the top dancing song can land you a huge deal forgetting the fact you aren't developed, couldn't create your own lyrics and/or sing. Among the many generic, fabricated, garden variety underground rappers trying to get them selves noticed, A unique/bona fide/refreshing/lyrical/entrepreneur-rapper is set to take over the game, humbly crowning himself the Prince Of The Game. With the single from Nas expressing the fact Hip-Hop is dead, reevaluated the entire look on hip hop. Little did they know Hip-Hop isn't dead, he's just in a comatose state, and his unconscious mind is Young Ace..

Ace grew up in Cleveland, Ohio but currently lives in the South. With the split of his parents as a child, his father (Born in Washington DC), and his mother (From Nairobi, Kenya), he has had the opportunity to witness both worlds and see them from a different angle. While being with his mother, he got to view how truly underpriveledged, poor, impoverished, and "hood" the people in Africa lived. While growing up in Cleveland with his father, Young Ace started hustling gear from his friends cars, on the streets, and had established an online market all while in high school, to make money. Making money from his gear kept him focused on what he knew he wanted to do, and not what everybody around him was. Ace always tended to hang around all the older dudes , who were generally into the things he was. He realized that the things they were doing werent going to get him far, and the fast, drug-consuming/slanging, jail-headed lifestyle would not get him where he wanted to be. Young Ace knew he didn't want to live his life like some of the people around him, nor did he want to mock all he had seen growing he did something about it. He had a main goal and had the charisma to become a successful musician. With this new motivation he picked up his pen, got serious and began to get focused with his Music career.

With his community, friends and family pushing him to rap, Ace would began to work on a mixtape. While working on his mixtape artist such as; Snoop, Pac, Big, Bun B, UGK/Pimp C, Jay Z, Dre, The Game, Eminem, Different R&B Singers, David Banner, T.I., Dipset, Camron, EightBall & MJG, Twista, Flip, Mike Jones, Chamillionaire, Jae Millz,Juelz Santana, Weezy, Young Jeezy, and P Diddy were a big inspiration on getting this project done. Their major music success set and painted a path for Ace to Follow. In 2006, he released his first mixtape: “Prince O' The Game", Which he wrote, produced, recorded, and designed(Cover) himmself. Releasing this unique mixtape in the streets, online, and on iTunes earned him a large listening and the experience he needed to futher his career. As Young Ace got even more focused on his music career, he also had another idea which would prove to be a wise one.

His community was impressed by his fashion trends and rapping ability. He had the rapping career launched and now a Fashion Career. Ace launched his new clothing line entitled “Royal Flush”. Royal flush consists of an urban/hip-hop influenced style. The clothing is available for women, babies, animals, children and men(Along with various accessories). With his music and now clothing line both bringing in income, he began to set higher goals and continues to be the best he can be at everything he does.

Doin' It big
Young Ace continued to strive to be the best in the game. Since he got focus he was able to open up for Young Jeezy, Webbie, Paul Wall, 36 Mafia and many other celebrity artists at the Summer Jam Concert. He has performed in various places from his home town to across the country. He has performed in many clubs and worked with many underground Artists. He is working with producer KB (Atlantic Records). He is also involved with Anthony Arrington and Big House Records who currently manages him along with Dr. Ben, Nancy Jones (Mother of Jim Jones), and other artists.. He is now in the process of working on his second mixtape entlitled "Prince O' The Game Vol. II"


Too Raw, Knock Knock, Slop Jaw, What it is, track Down, How u want 2