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Young Adult, only twelve, this young man coming out of Brooklyn one thing on his mind - to bring Hip Hop back to NYC. Spittin Spanish or English, wether it's gritty or reggaetton, for da ladies or the concious, the kid defines versatile. His level of skill is enough to make any grown mc fall back.


Young Adult, reppin' Brooklyn, born Jordan Rodriguez can proudly say he's been in this game and grindin' for a minute. He's been rapping since he was six years old and has been working on perfecting his craft ever since. He may only be thirteen but his tough life experiences have evolved his wordplay of that of a twenty-something year old. He has wisdom beyond his years and a truly gifted intellect. All his lyrics are self written and is very much involved in all aspects of the production of his work. Within his career, he has been the winner of numerous tri-state talent shows, created songs for "Reality Check", a non-smoking campaign aimed at youth and participated in Brooklyn's first ever Easter Parade and first annual Panamaniam Day Parade. He too has been featured on BLVD Enterprise's Compilation CDs I and II and is currently working on his second solo mixtape album. Young Adult has graced the TV audiences by being featured on at least thirty cable programs but a more notable accomplishment, this Main Event was the youngest participant to battle in the reknowned Fight Klub and win. Talk about big things! But the best is yet to come, this artist has yet to reach his prime and is already talked to be better than most Hip Hop artists out right now twice his age, so you can only imagine how nasty this kid will be in a few more years. He has already created a strong local buzz and earned the support and love of Brooklyn, but he won't stop there. He's going strong till he gets it all. Look out for features on him in TRU Magazine and Expose Magazine, One-Ten Magazine and an upcoming Tri-State promotional tour. Also check him in the "Hood Rich" DVD, "The Booth" DVD, "All Access" DVD, "Raw Unleashed" DVD, "U.M.A's" DVD, and coming this summer "What's Really Hood" DVD. More importantly, he has been nominated for best upcoming male rapper for this year's Underground Music Awards. The only juvenile to be nominated within the awards period. So, make sure you all get your hands on the very much anticipated album, "Da' Revolutionary Mixtape", out now. Young Adult has been performing in many venues. The demand for his performances are overwhelming. He has done S.O.B.s, The Remote Lounge, Copacabana, Planet Millenium, Vibe Lounge, Lounge 915, M-2 Lounge, Club Pyramid, Brooklyn Drinks, Angle's Lounge, Club Fantasia's, and the list goes on. Even more impressive this young phenom has opned up for big names like Joell Ortiz, Styles P, N.O.R.E., Juelz Santana, CL Smooth, AZ, Freddy Fox, Big Lou, 950 Plus, Mirror Image, and recently opened up for Hector El Father's album release party which was hosted by DJ Prostyle. Let us also mention Young Adult is the only juvee ever to perform in a gentleman's Club Riviera's which was hosted by DJ Camilo and DJ Pistol Pete. He's been interviewed on radio stations like 90.3, 91.9 also has gotten radio spins on Hot 97, 105.1, and La Kalle 105.9. Furthermore, Young Adult did an interview on Extravagangsta Radio Podcast which had 20,000 downloads in its first week. Young Adult, da' Main Event, the name says it all!!! Booking Info: Check em' out also,, and


"Da' Revolutionary Mixtape"

Anybody Get It
Taking Over Da' Game Now
What If (single) *
Pop Ya' Shoulders Off
Niggaz Want War
I'm Da' Hardest Juvenile (single)
Yes It's Dat Rican
12 Gauge (single)
G's 4 Gangsta
Bullets From A Gun
Starving To Eat
Purple Hearted Soldier (single)*
Que Le De (single)

*Received much radio airplay on NYC major Radio Stations and on Extravagansta Radio (online)

Set List

Typical set list last anywhere from a 1/2 hour to a full hour show, catering to the venue, crowd and also for what the promoter contracts for. Ususally a set includes six songs and time set aside for pictures and autographs.

Set Songs:

What if
Purple Hearted Soldier
12 Gauge
Que Le De
I'm Da' Hardest Juvenile
Two bonus tracks
Two Freestyles