Young Aries  a.k.a  A*Star

Young Aries a.k.a A*Star

BandHip Hop

New generational Hip Hop/ Rap combining a unique fusion of smooth R&B rhythm with slick hip hop hooks, sophisticated lyrics anchored with hypnotic urban beats. Show casing Young Aries diverse classical, Jazz and R&B musical training, originality and style that distinguishes him from the norm.


Young Aries a.k.a A*Star

Young Aries came into this world destined to one day make his musical presence known. Born March 29,1989 in Manhattan New York, Young Aries was exposed to a variety of musical genres from Jazz, R&B, Gospel, Rock and Classical. At the tender age of 5 he started private lessons with a piano master from Russia where he learned to read and play classical music. He played regularly in recitals and competitions and among others was awarded the prestigious recognition from the Royal School of Music; London, England. He also played the saxophone and the drums in his school bands.

After 10 years of Classical training Young Aries musical interest started to evolve into other musical genres. He transitioned into Jazz improvisation, R&B and his current love of Hip-Hop. His musical passion gravitated towards producing tracks, writing lyrics and rapping which motivated him to determine that his destiny would be that of a producer. In 2006 at the age of 17 with the avid support of his parents he built his recording studio and started his production company, Star Child Entertainment, LLC. With his roots in NY and Philly his family moved to Atlanta where he was able to work as an apprentice and learn from seasoned producers and establish his unique sound.

In 2007 A*Star branched off to pursue his solo career and has received rave reviews for his hit debut single “Swag-A-Holic”, that showcases his slick beats, lyrics and producer talents. The foundation has been set and we wait with great anticipation for this young star to rise!

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Currently marketing single "Swag-A-Holic" and working on current debut CD project. Will also contain singles "Bang'in" (completed), Day Dream'in, still in production along with 3 additional songs. Currently in the process of marketing "Swag-A-Holic" via Internet Radio Stations; in processing mood with for CD and digital download distribution and finishing construction of website: http// for marketing as well. Currently distributing "Swag-A-Holic" to clubs and looking for live performance opportunities for exposure summer/fall 2008.

Set List

As mentioned in discography: New artist recently gone solo after a year performing with local group from Atlanta and years as an apprentice in the studio in tutelage with seasoned producer. Currently have 3 songs that can be performed.