Young ASE

Young ASE

 Grove City, Pennsylvania, USA
BandHip Hop

Very diverse but at the same time after hearing just one song my fans feel like they know me on a personal level because of how loosely i speak to them.


Born on August 23rd 1993 in Gwinnett, Georgia Chase "Young ASE" van Leeuwen made moves from Georgia to Pennsylvania at age 6 with his mother and sister. Him, his mother and sister moved into a small trailor with a family friend, her husband, and their 2 daughters. At first Young ASE was really more into pop then it switched to pop and then finally changed to rap & hip-hop but has a wide range of diversity in music. In 5th grade "Young ASE" started freestyling in his room with his current best friend Zach "Yung Zee" Hardman. After his family seen how much love he had for music even though he wasn't great they started chipping in for some equipment. By now Chase "Young ASE" van Leeuwen has really stepped up his game, recorded at many professional studios, almost had a major collaboration (which fell through), and has done many shows and opened for some big names. Through out these 17 years Young ASE has seen just about everything, and is at the point in his life where he wants to nothing but greatness and succeed in life with what he loves to do most... music.


Young ASE "iRun It"
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Young ASE "Got Damn"
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