Young Blood

Young Blood


Taking the reigns as White Rock's premier metal act, Young-Blood grabs listeners by the balls and never lets go. With fatal guitar solos, brutal bass, limb-removing drums, and lyrics that would make Satan shit himself, Young-Blood shows pussy-metal bands who's boss.


Take the intensity of Iron Maiden, the speed of Megadeth and the ferociousness of Pantera and you are just beginning to get an idea of Young Bloods sound. Together for over 4 years and with 40+ shows under their belt Young Blood is a force to be reckoned with. The sheer speed of Royce and Coltons guitars combined with Brittanys thundering bass and Hanlan beating on his drums like a madman is enough for anyone to take notice.
With their crazy live show and the anticipated new full length EP 'Bring The Fire' Young Blood will soon be playing shows all over BC.
Young Blood brings that original metal sound back to the musical forefront.


Bring The Fire LP -2006
Epic single- 2007