Young Bloods

Young Bloods


furious live show that will leave you singing along. On tour all year long. For more info visit:


Someone once told me “Mostly everything in life starts out as a vision or dream. Your primary occupation as a dreamer is to alter your life and impact those around you. Everything you need to change the future is within you. You’ll be fine, just live life and Follow one dream at a time.”

Thats how it all began for me. I love music, in every way, shape, and form. Studied anything from Metal, Hardcore, Country,R&B, to just straight up Blues and Rock n' Roll. This has allowed me to show my appreciation to the ground breaking artists over the decades that have taken chances and stayed true to themselves to follow their dreams. YB started out as a solo project of mine and is now a full, equal band. We are just an open minded Rock band doing what we love. To hit the heart of someone who can relate and uses your music as an outlet is what i can consider a part of success. I am now living out my dream. - J.A.

Young Bloods is the Rock outfit that hails from Rochester, NY. That shoots to thrill the life in every music lover and open new doors to the thought process. Singing songs from living life to the fullest of love to, sex, drugs and rock n roll. Driving hooks and catchy melodies this band consumes the right attitude to see a future.

You can view us online at:

Band Management:
Tommy Casserino

Booking Management:
Jenny McPhee


3 Song demo:
Self-Released Fall 2009

Dj Mist ( BIG oomp records,soulja boy,50 cent)
re-mix of our song "End of The World" Oct.2009


" I'm gay for young bloods. Stuffs sooooo good! "
- Kevin Mahoney (Hit The Lights on Triple Crown Records)

"if you like driving beats and catchy hooks check these guys out! and get tattooed by thom"
- Jake Massucco (four Year Strong on Decaydance/ Isurrender Records)

" this band is as legit as they come,
it aint easty to come out of
rochester with the over flow of
shitty metal but this band has
found a style and sound all there own,
and hopefull will break through the
overpopulation of fake musicians
and garbage."
- Danny Rinaldi (Bedlight for Blue Eyes on Trustkill Records)

"Solid music!
Really good all around.
The Young are definately
coming on strong."
- Matt Bean (akissforjersey on Tragic Hero Records)

"This new effort from
the Rochester talent pool is
is energetic and well done.
The project shows
alot of promise,
and i'm excited to
see what the
future holds for these guys."
- Mike Lasaponara (Cute is what we aim for on Fueled by Ramen Records)

"Definitly a band everyone needs to look out for. Awesome band and even better guys"
- Kevin carter (farewell on Epitagh Records)

"This electro/ambient rock band is a breath of fresh air! "
Greg (school boy Humor on Vagrant Records)

Set List

All original music by : Young Bloods