Young Boys

Young Boys


Brooklyn trash pop.


Crawling through the gutters of Oakland C.A. singer/guitarist David "Legs McDaniel slithered across the U.S. looking for love and a place to call home when he found himself in NYC where he fell for tall, dark and slimy minneapolis raised bassist Lee Lichtsinn. With that spark Young Boys were formed and with a handful of noisy garage ballads, 2 out of tune guitars and no clue they hit the stage armed with nothing backing them but a drum machine.

In 2010 the group released a split Ep with California noise enthusiast FM Face on Digitalis Recordings. After months of gigging around and learning how to play they added keyboardist/vocalist Ethan Miller. The group then released a 7" single entitled "Bring Em Down" on Chicago's Rococo Records.

Going through a few different drummers and playing the field with bands like Crocodiles, Dengue Fever, Ex Cops & Sleigh Bells, Young Boys started getting attention from blogs and magazines like the NME and Village Voice. Young Boys known for their "Wall of sound/feedback, garage/synth punk inspired music and Davids hyper stage antics the group got the attention of NYC label Sibling Sex Records and Los Angeles label Holloweyed Records to release the bands latest album, a six song wave of deconstruction entitled "New York Sun."

Sibling Sex Records will be releasing a cassette with a bonus side of live recordings and more as well as a 12" dance remix of the track "Love Hits."

Hollow eyed Records will be releasing the LP on vinyl!


Young Boys / FM Face split cassette
Bring Em Down 7" (rococo records)
New York Sun (holloweyed records)