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This band has not uploaded any videos



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Young Brizz…What’s Up Money?

Yoooo Whats Good Fam! I’m Messin with yall on the come up.

Before we get into music..What are your thoughts on Mike vick being in Philly?

Haaaa, My Man Mike Vick! When I first heard that Vick was coming to philly I didn’t believe thats shit at all! But When I found out it was true I was hype as Hell. My man Mike deserve another chance, I feel he learned his lesson and all dat Cause I think he stil got it, he just need more time on the field.

I’ve been to Philly a handful of times, South Street is wonderful, where are you from?

Thats whats up… South Street is live, But me I’m from Southwest Philly, 66 Stand Up

How does living there a/effect your music?

Living where I’m from effects me alot musically, because coming from my where I’m From, It inspires me to work hard to get out of the hood and take care of my fam…You Digg Me? Like being from Philly in general inspires me to really step out of the box a lil bit because I feel 80% of Philly “RAPPERS” sound the same. No disrespect to any one doing their thing getting money, but thats just my opinion. I was orignally born in Virgina and raised in Philly. I lived philly for like over 12 years, and I love Philly because Philly is where I found music and regardless if I make it out of the hood or not Imma never forget where I’m from.

“Different Day, Same Grind” that’s your only work I’m familar with. How long have you been in the game? What have been the ups and downs?

And that’s why I call my self “Philly’s Most Slept On Rap Artist” I’ve been underground in the game for 7 year man! Different Day, Same Grind is actually my 5th mixtape. I’ve been goin’ hard for a long time Just google me!! haaaaa. Naw but seriously alot of people sleep on me, but I’m pushing Different Day, Same Grind until the wheels fall off, Not to make it seem like my other mixtapes were’nt successful but I just feel that Different Day, Same Grind has everything that a hot mixtape should have since we are in a new era of music so I’m rockin’ out with this tape and just staying consistant with new records for the world!

You seem to be in with some great producers…Name a few of your favorites and which has been the most fun to work with.

Yea man! you gotta keep them hot producers on deck! But you see I’ve been gettin’ beats since I was like 14 so in total I have almost over 900 beats including some that I produce. My favorite producer I like to work with the most is probably my dudes Chaisey P, Sean Ross, Bh Produtions, Pace-0 Beats, and my dude Hoodfamous, and Major Troop Productions. Thery’re all underground producers doing big things. I fucks with all the producers that show me love! shout out to every producer that I ever worked with! I honestly can make a hit record out of any song so, if you are a underground producer, or a major producer holla at me if you need a hit!

Back to “Different Day, Same Gind”, What were your influences for making this project? It gives off a very personal vibe.

“Different Day, Same Grind” is my favorite cd I’ve did so far! The title “Different Day, Same Grind” basically came from the life that I’m living now, and I know that alot of people can relate to that. I made sure that on this cd I consumed it with hit records suches “No Turnin’ Back”, “I believe In Love” “Dreams of Being A Millionaire” just to name a few. And I also had some crazy remixes so that my fans are pleased all around! At the end of the day, “Different Day, Same Grind” is a cd everybody can relate too and I personally feel that it is one of the best cd’s out in ‘09!

I’m going to let out the secret ‘Whats Up Money’ (prod. Hoodfamous) is on “The Bailout,” is this song a strong look at what is in store for your future work/grind?

First of all shout out to Hoodfamous and JTL Management!! He murdered that damn beat!! My song “What Up Money” is just another hit record thats getting alot of luv! There are a lot of good things in store for me right now.. Im Blessed! “Whats Up Money” is just one of the crazy records I have up my sleeve! I’m also doing production and I’m Currently working on a production cd. All the beats will be produced by me and my production partner “Music Mike” so look out for that.

Has Young Brizz caught an industry buzz yet?

Well honestly I’m not even gon’ front no label’s holla’d at me yet… I guess they dont wanna let me in the game yet! But you never know who’s watchin’ you. Right now I’m mainly focused on myself and my Team “Team Absolute” Young Elz, Laza, Finesse, O-Zone and a whole lot affiliates. We on the move right now! yall gotta pay attention!!

If signed are you sticking with the name Young Brizz or got plan to sway away from the “young” and where does Brizz come from?

I’m already trying to get away from the “Young”, because that young stuff is not oringal no more. But far as “Brizz” I’m keeping that forever you digg me! That name was given to me by my cousin Thomas A.K.A “P -


Different Day, Same Grind (2009)
Different Day, Same Grind Vol 2. (March 2010)

Valentine CD

Dreams of Being a Millionaire (100.3 The Beat)



Everynight I go to sleep dreaming about the same thing, SUCCESS... Becuase i know that one day i'll wake up living it.” – Young Brizz

Young Brizz is one of Philadelphia's hottest upcoming young rap artists and has been hitting the underground scene hard for the past 6 years. Young Brizz has claimed himself to be "Philadelphia’s Most Slept On Rap Artist" but with an ambition and grind Brizz has risen to be a great songwriter and lyricist, putting strength in his music. “Young Brizz” has flourished in Philadelphia’s underground music world producing at least one strong mixtape every year since 2006. Young Brizz believes that “daring to be different & versatility holds the key to success”, this belief has guided him through his growing music career.

“Coming from a city where I am from, you have to be one of those rappers that don’t think outside of the box for others to respect you” says Young Brizz. Being inspired by musical artist such as Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Jay-Z, N-E-R-D, Ryan Leslie, Lil Wayne, Joe Budden, The Lox, and many other genres of music, Brizz is definitely not scared of doing something different. He is also mostly inspired by his rough past, his hard working present, and his promising future. Young Brizz Promise to give the entertainment world a great taste that it has been missing for years.

As Young Brizz continues to produce new sounds and music styles, he constantly performs his work at different venues, festivals, and fundraisers. His new CD ‘Different Day Same Grind’ which is available now is his best work yet. This CD embodies the variety and originality that Young Brizz is made of. His work is made to inspire others to and to never second guess being unique. Young Brizz has dropped 5 Solid Mixtape Cd's. “Keep Sleepin” (2006), “The Crack House” (2007), “The Prelude To The Truth” (2008) “The Reality Theory” (2009), and “Different Day, Same Grind” (2009). Young Brizz's classics records have appeared on "XM Radio", Philadelphia's own "100.3 The Beat", & “Power 99” FM., "Zombie Radio in California", and other hot radio stations nationwide. Brizz was also 13 on the Music Myspace Charts in 2006 for the state of Pa, and then later moved up to 8. Young Brizz is building to the next level in 2009 so get ready!