The Young Bucks

The Young Bucks


The Youngs have an aggressive rock/dance style of the arctic monkeys with the vocal energy of N.E.R.D.


Franco and Ronnie have been friends since they were 7 they grew up together and met Rick in highschool in San Antonio, Tx. we all played music but were into different styles so we played in other bands, we lost touch with each other after Highschool. Franco went to UT Austin, Ronnie to Los Angeles for actng and Rick to Arizona for recording school. We ended up comming together in Los Angeles in april started just going to a rehearsal spot and ended up having a great time songs were just flowing and continuing to flow, theres a danceable/aggresive/poprock that we love and want to show the world one venue at a time.

Set List

30-45 minute set

Set List:

Club Vibe
Sorry Bout it
Before You Start