Young Cake

Young Cake

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN
SoloHip Hop


 Young Cake; a metaphor for monetary gain an attribute to let people know they can be successful at whatever they work towards. With over a decade of musical experience under his belt Young Cake has great drive and passion for music a perfectionist to say the least. 

Raised in Toronto Young Cake understands what it feels like to deal with every day struggle. Choosing music as an outlet to express his thoughts from his mother’s struggle to the daily hustle with a goal of painting a picture for his fans and taking them on his journey. 

Being able to have performed at various music festivals in Toronto over his ten years and gaining radio exposure in the US has lead Young Cake on the track of becoming a household name. Gaining new fans and always being able to be a step above the rest; with the anticipation of his upcoming release “All Or Nothing” Young Cake hopes to give fans a glimpse of his versatility while giving his listeners something to relate to.