Young Champ

Young Champ

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Since I'm from TX, I gotta keep it krunk!!! So be expecting those classic dirty south, king kong in tha trunk, lil' john krunk'd out BANGAS with a good blend of slow tempo worship-style tracks. Oh yeah, as for tha that's unique! "YEAH!!


Young Champ is an outstanding, original rap artist who has shared the stage with G.R.I.T.S., Petidee, and David Wyatt.

Tired of many artists in hip-hop music today blatantly disrespecting women, promoting a lifestyle of drugs, sex & violence, and misleading a generation of youth by their never-ending attempt to 'get rich or die tryin', Young Champ is more focused and dedicated than ever to go against the grain of the hip-hop industry standard by being a positive role model within the culture in the booth, on stage, off stage and in his personal life.