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"Take a look at me now " a phrase that is only personified by Young Cheino's life. Born in Spanish Town, Jamaica Young Cheino was the son of a rising track star mother and a musician father with records out on the reggae scene. Cheino even at a young age wasn't immune to life's problems. Shortly after his birth he and his mother were forced to live in the streets after being kicked out of her parents house. Reduced to sleeping in bushes and boiling milk in cans they still with strong minds and destiny in hand they survived. After rising above the trials of life Cheino's absent father came back into his life.

Once again his return was short lived, after marrying Cheino's mother and giving him a younger sister he left a second time. At the age of six Cheino was forced to grow up and fend for his pregnant mother. Knowing his mother who worked 2 jobs at the age of twenty years would need his help cheino would put his mother's welfare above his own. Many times he would not eat just to bring his mother back food from school home. After his sisters birth cheino's mother decided it would be best for him to stay with his God father. Cheino would stayed with his God father for about 2 years. Then around the age of 10 the father figure that had been in and out of his life sent for Cheino, his mother and sister to move to New York.

Cheino's first stay was in Queens, Springfield Garden where he would be introduced to a love of hip hop.
He first started to listen to hip hop in an attempt to get rid of his accent so he could talk like his peers in school. He would listen to Hot97 and record shows or any music that was available on his uncles cassettes.
Cheino immersed himself in the music all day and within a 2 months his accent was gone.

Cheino's first real critical musical influence the Geto Boys album "Till Death Do us Part " had a last effect on him, being that Bushwick Bill was also Jamaican. Amazed at this fact Cheino started to buy and listen to geto boys and a lot of artist who appeared on their music. Most of which where down south artist and who brought a Unique sound which further built up Cheino's appreciation for music. The deep contrast in music styles from being inspired by southern music to living in New York around lyrical musicians gave Cheino a different perspective. A perspective which Cheino uses to create his own unique sound and style to inspire others. After Cheino made his first song and posted it online with enormous positive feed back he further pursued his music career.

In 2002 Cheino decide to use to Internet as a way to get his music heard. He post tracks he did on and multiple sites. As a result he was able to build up his fan base and started to get attention from producers who would make beats specially for his use. Cheino was also able to acquire slots on numerous DJ Mix-Tapes. Four years later Cheino found about Myspace through a fan and proceeded to make his move on the opportunity. In under a year after posting a 8 track demo he was able to get over 4 millions plays, over 10,000 downloads and he drew the attention of many A&Rs and Magazine's. Staying true to his grind he got an offer without a manager.