Young ChiLL Aka ChiLL5000

Young ChiLL Aka ChiLL5000

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I Feel Like You Can Consider me and my artisT as the Future of da Bay Area. As You might know the hyphy movement was strong in the bay area and the music we make is similar to that style but with are twist on it. Uptempo MusiC to get the audience Moving but still hood for the streets to feel/relate.


Hello Music World let me Introduce you to the young prodigy Young ChiLL. Born and Raised in Pittsburg Ca THE BAY Young ChiLL was destined for GREATNESS in the Music industry. Young ChiLL who is a Decendent of GELO a Former Rap Star In the Bay Area in the Early 90's implanted Music in all his children, Also MOOT DITTY who is Young ChiLLs Uncle also showed him the ropes of the music industry at an early age. As Young ChiLL Got older he branched off and became a Student of Dubb 20 another Rap Star in the Bay area Doin his thang. Young ChiLL sat in the background and soaked up game from DuBB 20 at shows and in the studio. With many other Bay Area Artist. Next on Young ChiLL agenda was to Start His Own Record Label which He accomplished when he Created NEWSTAR ENT and upcoming label on the rise. So Whats Next for Young ChiLL Something Like Music World Domination Just Looking For The Right Investors Ya Dig!!!! Young ChiLL Doesn't Only RaP He is A C.E.O. Producer/Engineer Working on the Protools at the PaD, A SongWriter and BeatMaker. WeLL Check the Music Out Let Me Know What You Think Comments Welcome at all times. Thanks for the Love


New MuSiC Coming Soon in 2010 the album is Called We Outta Orbit... Look for it soon

Set List

I Usually Start with my song called I Am A StaR one of my uptempo get the crowd moving Songs which last about 4mins. then it Leads Into my song Get It In Da Hallways whiCh we Have a MusiC VideO to Search newstar ent on youtube which last another 4mins.