Young Chizz

Young Chizz

 Jamaica, New York, USA
SoloHip Hop

Young Chizz is a rapper from Jamaica, Queens, New York. His stage name was inspired by one of his grandmothers, as she always called him "Child" and "Young Child". He is known for the single "Jump On It", which he recorded while part of the duo Fame & Chizz (released in March 2010, according to the iTunes store). Fame & Chizz also recorded a song called "Moving", which was picked up by Michael Cherry of NASCAR.


Young Chizz is an artist from Jamaica, Queens, New York, whose stage name evolved from a nickname, "Young Child", he was given by one of his grandmothers. He was first recognized for the single Jump On It, which he recorded while part of the duo Fame & Chizz (released in March 2010). Fame & Chizz also recorded a song called Moving, which was picked up by Michael Cherry of NASCAR. Young Chizz, now a solo artist, inserted himself into the music industry at an early age, being involved in two separate music groups, interning at Ruff Ryders recording label, and assisting in the development of three independent recording labels, one of which he is the current president (T.O.N.Y. Media Group). With two tours with major hip hop artists such as Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy under his belt, rotations on MTV (Swagger On A Million), radio top 100 airplay in various markets and almost half a million views on VEVO for his #MOBBIN video (filmed in various locations along the East coast and voted the Lehigh Valley’s Top Entertainment happening of 2013), Young Chizz is not slowing down anytime soon. He not only is currently partnered with the Lehigh Valley SteelHawks (a Professional Indoor Football League team which he created an anthem for), he also recently filmed the pilot episode of a reality series he created which documents celebrities as they learn how to fly jets, helicopters, etc.; additionally, he recently released his debut solo EP, #Provoked.


Compound Music

Written By: Young Chizz

I just grabbed my pen and wrote my rhymes
From the edge of my bed
i do it good one time
Momma told me have a back up plan
But I jumped off the roof no parachute
Sing my song, sing my song
I want the whole world to do it, just sing my song
The road that I took lead me right here
So that's destiny saying that it's my year
I'm at compound
Hard work with my niggas
You can catch us at the compound
I just clap my hands and stomp
My feet
When shit gets hot I just take that heat
I just sacrifice and sacrifice
Gave everything up
Yeah I'm bout that life
I started with a mp3
Top 100 then mtv
Swagger on a million
So they envy me
If this is anything this is TMG
We at the compound
Young Chizz tony Nuggs fucking working at the compound

Red Pill coming soon tho

Sing my song sing my song
I want the world to do it just sing my song
I wanna feel
Your energy
I said I wanna feel your energy
I said I tell you truth but not a little bit
I've been chasing dream since isa little kid
I think ima die for this
The coroner can come and find my body at the compound
Laying there decomposing in the back of the compound

I been rapping and spitting
I been spitting and flowing
I been making some progress
I guess I know where I'm going
I guess I know where I'm heading
Same place as the legends
I do great on the earth
They'll call me great up in heaven
I just challenge my people
I just hope they do better
I hope they get it together
Then we can do it together


2016 - Provoked (EP)

Set List

1. Gulfstream Music
2. No Help
3. Feeling Right 
4. Tribute 
5. Game 7
6. Coronas & Grenadine