Young Coke

Young Coke

 Detroit, Michigan, USA
BandHip Hop

My Music is a cross between old school story variations and new generation commercialized Hip-Hop tracks. Which gives it a broad range audience both in age and in cultures.


When it comes to this young artist his music reflects his experiences and his story comes to life through the lyrics. Born & Raised in Detroit, Mi Young Coke started his realization of music in Brightmoore in 2000-2004. His struggle became his words. After getting caught up in some sticky situations in Brightmoore Young Coke was forced to find another home.

He hit the streets of Detroit's Eastside in 2004. Hanging mostly around the Vandyke area. Where he then meet an additional influence in his musical journey “J-Solo”. He gave him the confidence and encouragement to take his music to the next level. After destroying several other rap artists with his lyrical genius he decided to step out a bit more.

J-Solo introduced the young upcoming artist to “Big Herk” and Gotcha Back Entertainment in 2005. Which lead to his contract signing. The album “Play times Ova” hit the streets in 2006 and he was on his way. Things seemed good as he continued to perform at several clubs & Venues around the Detroit area. A frustrated artist things slowed down, and Young Coke was unsure what direction to go.

After time to re-analyzing his career Young Coke decided in 2010 to take his music career solo. With his new album on the way and single due to drop in spring of 2010 the sky is the limit...


"Play Time is Ova" Gotta Back Entertainment