Young Colt

Young Colt


We are creative individuals that are rather new in this pursuit of creating music, so we're taking nothing for granted. No gimmicks. Passionate Garage Rock&Soul. Every song is honest and is worked for every time it's played. We know Young Colt can perform well on any bill that features good acts.


Young Colt began in early of 2012. Friend (Nick Elbisser) and I (Benjamin Hines) decided to play music together as a way to create and challenge ourselves. I had been in and out of a few bands since high school, all of which I cut my teeth on guitar but had only begun singing in 2010 when I got inspired listening to a Jeff Buckley interview where he had described his talents as nothing extraordinary just something he worked very hard for. In a year of Karaoking that provided confidence training I knew I could write songs with the guitar and I decided it was time to hear what they'd sound like accompanied by my voice. After a few months I wanted to develop the song-writing experience and had begun hearing percussive parts along with other instruments. I had attempted to get something together with various drummers and multi-instrumentalists but none seemed to share the idea of a lo-fi, stripped down approach to creating songs. In comes Mr. Elbisser. Nick a longtime friend, had played drums off and on but had never taken the step into working as a performing musician. After a few months of correspondence, we had begun to fit my songs to his drum-work. Being artists and avid listeners to many genres of music, we weren't sure what was gonna happen; Soon, by the summer of 2012 we had moved in together and had begun performing locally anywhere we could get booked, in the Fall we recorded our debut EP 'Fightin' (2012), featuring six songs, by November we took the step to expand on our arrangement capabilities and employed the talents of two more musicians which we've dubbed The Dirty Herd and began writing a new EP with a broader scope of audible feeling. For 2013 we are committed to writing, performing and recording more than we could have imagined given where we were only a year ago.



Written By: Young Colt

Place was something growing
never getting old
A million different colors
jes rolling in the hills
Turning on the wheel
Is it election year
This place was painted over
Simple little colors
I'm only gettin older
Rolling red or blue in the Hill
Turning on the wheel
Soon to lose a year
I met you in October
Like you know
Burnt leaves are bound to fall
And I won't be here to watch your time bend
I've already got the draw the words have
I'm turning on the wheel
Soon to lose a year
I met you in October
and like you know
Loosing all the real
Jes' grinding down the gears
I met you in October
And like you know
I have no idea
And there's so many people
That I will never be
That would-be midwest loving baby
Jes ain't for me
Yeah there's so many people now baby
That jes ain't for me
And I won't stay here
No I can't stay here

People Ain't Talkin'

Written By: Young Colt

I'm riding away and there's you by me
And that window is only wide enough to see
With everything that our heart has to beat
And riding away and there's you by me
And I'm headin south with you
Got so many things I need to prove
An I believe that those readings are true
So I'm riding away and there's you by me
We're too good the guidestones ain't frightenin
We got that lovin no matter how ya'll been conspiring
Rows n' Rows n' Boxes n' Boxes
We seen enough enough PEOPLE AIN'T TALKING


Written By: Young Colt

This town wasn't built
Around your head
Jes like all them tears
Done dried in the carpet
Oh lock it up
we speak in different keys
Some messages I read
Are the ones you really need.
You can't fighter
You jes have to let them be
I made up for being honest
And calming all your fears
Lookin up to all the artists
on the walls and in the air
All the fightin' really does
Is make you forget what the fightin's even for
Lost your sight from fightin'
Makin all the good workin hard
Cuz you can't fight a fighter
You jes have to let them be
Cuz they love fightin' more than love

What Would You Sing About

Written By: Young Colt

I got my notebook
Burnt by my pen
a time traveler
Lookin for lost friends
Watch the sun climb
Still no light on who we are
Call me fanatic
Because of the time spent apart
Words can only mean more than nothing if they speak the truth
People are changing
Is it good or is it bad
The old ways are dying
Is this the plan
Songs do more than sing they can be so damning with their use.
Words can only mean more than nothing if they speak the truth
I've been searching
For that ruffling reason
But all I ever thought seems wrong
Exit through fingertip grips is all you have to do
Words can only mean more than nothing if they speak the truth
Songs we sing they can be so damning with their use.
And when the sound jes plays it's the sound we say that we never want to lose


Our Debut EP 'Fightin'' can be heard here:

Our first basement demos can be heard here (Starting at the fifth song down):

Set List

We can play up to an hour and fifteen minute set as of right now. This set would include mainly originals with maybe one or two covers.