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Young Creatures

Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Psychedelic


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"LA Weekly "Pick of the Week" for Feb 2nd, 2015"

“I fear all the things that I can’t control, from the darkest night to the open road,” Mike Post confesses on Young Creatures’ debut album, Fear All the Things. He sings with a sense of wonder in a clear, hopeful voice, as lead guitarist Andrew Gleason surrounds him with a haze of fuzzy solos and ringing chords. The local quartet tend to start their indie-rock songs with simple melodic structures before culminating in surges of heavier psychedelic power and traces of shoegazer mystery. “I am a foreigner in my homeland,” Post declares, but Gleason’s Cure-like guitar jangle keeps the mood ebulliently sunny. Choppy stop-and-start chords break up the mood on tracks such as “Once in Your Life” and “Lionheart,” as Post muses about love in L.A.

By Falling James - LA Weekly

"Riders On The Storm"

Slinky psych'n'roll from LA that mixes everything from funk to pop, but still ends up sounding like the coolest aliens in the galaxies dropping in to show us how to dance with girls. - Classic Rock Magazine

"FOX 11 LA News Spot"

"Here's a chance to see a local band that just might be on the cusp of stardom..." - FOX 11 LA

"Stream: Young Creatures"

Young Creatures debuted in 2012 before elevating their profile in 2013 with their “Habitats” EP, which coupled singer-guitarist Mike Post’s lyrical heft with crashing, shape-shifting percussion and stabbing guitars. For their full-length “Fear All the Things,” released in late September, Post and bandmates Andrew Gleason, Spencer King and Mikey Escalante again collaborated with producer Raymond Richards (Local Natives, Avid Dancer, Torches). There’s a strong emotive, and even revelatory, quality to Post’s digressions even if the music, for all its modest quirkiness, never quite goes for it. “We don’t want a revolution here,” Post sings in “Revolution.” “We just want to feel again.” It’s a good start. - Buzz Bands LA

""Fear All The Things" by Young Creatures (Premiere)"

Young Creatures returns by leaking the title track off their debut full-length Fear All The Things (due in September). In contrast to the oft quirky and buoyant vibe of their Habitats EP, this single broods a deeper (and hence darker) mood carried by a ruminating rhythm section yet redeemed by piercing guitar tones. The result is meditative and ravishing: - Free Bike Valet

"Young Creatures Single Premiere: “Foreigner”"

It’s no secret that Badass Band Young Creatures is releasing an album very soon, one that all of us at BBB are STOKED about. Well, they gave us a sneak peek of a new track off of Fear All The Things, and then gave us the go ahead to share it with you music fiends! So, pleasure your ears with “Foreigner” a groovy, psych pop, 80’s inspired track that will get your head bobbin’ and have you belting out along with lines like, “Everyone’s freaking out, to be a face in the crowd, what’s it to you anyways? Everyone’s freaking out, to be a face in the crowd, what’s it to you anyways? What’s it to you anyways? What’s it to you anyways? ” and the repeated title line, “I am a foreigner in my homeland.” Who hasn’t felt that way from time to time?

Put your eager ears to the track below and enjoy for yourself! - Badass Bands Blog

"Young Creatures touring Northwest in October, Supporting debut album "Fear All The Things""

All throughout the month of October, up-and-coming psychedelic rock band Young Creatures will be heading out on a United States tour in support of their debut album Fear All the Things which came out last month. During their tour, two stops will be made in Seattle, and one stop will be made in Portland.

The three stops being made in the Pacific Northwest are the following:

10/17: Young Creatures at Valentine’s, Portland OR
w/ Balto & The Valley

10/18: Young Creatures at Blue Moon Tavern, Seattle WA
w/ Coyote Bred, Hand in the Attic & Letters

10/19: Young Creatures at Vermillion Art Gallery & Bar, Seattle WA
w/ Belle Bird & Ryan Amador
8:00pm - Northwest Music Scene

"Ears Wide Open: Young Creatures"

“Habitats,” the second EP from Young Creatures, suggests that the L.A. quartet is a psych-rock band in pop clothing. The foursome of singer-guitarist Mike Post, guitarist Justin Cook, bassist Spencer King and drummer Michael Escalante, who formerly went by the name Four Round & the Sound, plays it pretty straight-ahead lyrically and compositionally, but their guitar textures add some bite to their groove-heavy bark. The EP was produced by Post and King and engineered by Red Rockets Glare’s Raymond Richards and Steve Bone. - See more at: -

"New Noise 2013: The Ones to Watch"

Young Creatures at Seven Bar & Kitchen, 9:45 p.m.

Los Angeles indie rockers Young Creatures are pulling inspiration from the blues-rock canon and throwing it through a decidedly SoCal filter. The guitars are vampy, the cymbals are crashing, and there’s a subtle hint of reggae swagger hiding just below the surface. - Santa Barbara Independent

"Dig On Some New American Psych: Meet, Young Creatures"

First thoughts…stoney trippy haze , getting lost in the space created between vocals and psych guitars. Safe to say Young Creatures are rooted in Indie Rock with some serious leanings into all things psychedelic . Well written tunes, tight band, if you are like me and you’re digging on all the new psych going on right now, add Young Creatures to the list of Bands to keep an eye on. Their first full length LP comes out in September so maybe we can get them to introduce it to us here at….Good stuff!!

Meet The Band

Hi, our name is….

Young Creatures.

And our sound might be best described as….

A psychotropic tea party attended by anthropomorphic beast-men, in a seaside

setting where the sky often turns an unpredictable color.

We are…..

Mike Post (vocals/guitar), Andrew Gleason (guitar/vocals), Spencer King (bass),

Michael Escalante (drums).

We are originally from…..

Los Angeles, CA. Though Mikey (Escalante, drums) is the only native Californian. Mike,

Spencer, and Andrew moved to LA from Long Island, Massachusetts, and Philadelphia


Who are some that have an influence on your sound??

We all love The Beatles and Zeppelin. Between the four of us, we listen to everything.

Together we are big into Tame Impala and The Evil One by Roky Erickson.

The first time we met was…..

After placing classified ads for “Lonely People,” we met at a spa where we were

impressed with one another for getting out of bed that morning.

We knew we were going to be a Band when………

Mike locked the bulkhead and said, “write the hits.”

Before starting the band we were employed as…….

We’re all still employed. Mike works as a recording engineer. Spencer and Andrew work

in television post production. Mikey works in the ultrasound department at LA Children’s

Our craziest gig ever was….

We played at a laundromat with a Japanese band.

The first song we wrote was…….

“All The Days Keep Marching On.” It’s on our first and self-titled EP. It’s got a nice bass

line and some jangly guitars.

It’s about……

The perpetual struggle between an artist’s taste and his own ability.

What tunes are you currently jamming to…

We are currently mixing our first full-length album, so we’ve been listening to our own

songs a lot more than what might generally be considered “cool.” We work out of Mike’s

home studio, and we’ve had friends who didn’t realize we were working at first. They’d

say, “Oh! I thought you were just sitting around listening to your own music.”

What are some of the 1st songs you remember listening to that made you say, that’s what I want

to do

For each of us it was more of an overall appreciation of music that built up at different

moments in our lives.

When you are touring and have some time off , where could we find you..

…wasting all the show money at a Chinese restaurant. Or, getting kicked out of our

hotel for repeated noise complaints and calls to the police.

The one thing we want you to remember while your listening to us

If you like what you hear, reach out and make a connection. It will mean the world to us.

Listen to some music…. - 50thirdandthird

"Local Spotlight: Young Creatures - Foreigner"

Who: Mikey Escalante (Drums), Spencer King (Bass), Mike Post (Vocals/Guitar), Andrew Gleason (Guitar/Vocals)

Where: Los Angeles, CA

Today's local spotlight is on Young Creatures who released their self-proclaimed "psychedelic pop" single last week. "Foreigner" is a groovy tune, with a bass-line that'll make your head bop and electric guitar stylings that'll make you want to flow with the funk.

Hit the beach, grab some speakers and take a listen here. - Beating Lights

"Radio Crowdfund: Young Creatures"


$1721 pledged of a $1500 goal / 43 days to go

I got hooked on the new Young Creatures album title track, “Fear All The Things”, with it’s Spoon-esque opening and Television spirit. At the break near 3:30, caterwauling guitar and crashing cymbals echo for me like new old Dump Truck record. The vocals kick back in with an anthem-style riff (“Take your time and see / What you’ve done with me”) and the only thing I can do is listen again and again.

This LA-based psych pop outfit has all kinds of tune-tastic appeal and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve at least tripled that modest goal before it wraps up in six weeks. Here is that aforementioned title track to the new disc, “Fear All The Things”… - Flor Films

"Young Creatures, ‘Waste My Time’ – Free MP3 Download"

After seeing some success with their debut EP, Los Angeles’ Young Creatures self-produced their sophomore EP, ‘Habitats,’ with the help of engineer Raymond Richards (Local Natives) and Greg Calbi (Kings of Leon), who handled mastering. Released last month, the new record offers a twist on typical pop-rock fare, as the band infuses its music with unexpected psychedelic tones.

That's especially true on the EP’s lead single, ‘Waste My Time,’ available here for free download. The addictive pop tune features the foursome’s more experimental instrumentation, and while the catchy hook will draw you in, its the weirder bits that will keep you coming back for more.

“In its truest form, ‘Waste My Time’ is a ‘love’ song, though it is cloaked in trippy tones and a pulsing, moving dance groove,” the band told -

"“Waste My Time” by Young Creatures"

The Mid-City based quartet Young Creatures write songs that evolve from melodically sincere to quirky pop to heavy driven rock. Their new EP, Habitats, will be released on May 28th and was engineered by Raymond Richards (Local Natives, The Blank Tapes) and mastered by Greg Calbi (Father John Misty, Kings Of Leon). - Free Bike Valet

"Indie Band Spotlight: Young Creatures"

Here’s a band that we’ve recently dropped into rotation on the radio show and on the Gag Order Network, a band based out of Los Angeles called Young Creatures. We’re eager to share their sound with you, so make sure you sit up, pay attention and give them a listen! I’ve listened to the Habitats EP a few times, and I am definitely loving their sound. You can feel the emotion coming out of the music and lyrics, especially the sound of “O Wasted Days” – great job, guys! - Indie Minded

"Young Creatures - Habitats"

Today we've got some talented musicians making sweet Indie sounds on a short, 5 track EP. We've got a mess of well composed songs and "edgy" lyrics capable of pleasing the masses as well as the finicky listener.

Today's track is my personal favorite. It's a message we've heard thousands of times on too many songs, but it's written with modern tongue in a way that can stick with us easily. Don't let me spoil it; give it a listen.

Let's run this band down. We've got a guitarist who understands he doesn't need to show off to make an impact, a drummer who inclines on Pop without losing his identity, and a bassist that's unnecessarily good. Add those cool lyrics, spark that Pop twist, and we got a track that deserves some praise. Not as the most original piece ever, but as a good idea that's been well executed.

Sadly, not every track on the EP is up to par with Waste My Time's talent. Out of the 5, I think it's the last 3 tracks that really turn the release into anything for me. Today's track being the climax right before the hazy ending.

It's those first two tracks that just barely do it for me. Without them, as a 3 track EP, it'd be such an easy sell. There would be nothing to think about; nothing but great music. However, it's with those tracks that we see the truth behind the band. They've got some maturing to do, but at least they're on the right track.

If anything, the average Indie/Pop/Psychedelic Rock listener should enjoy the quick listen, maybe enough to support the band. If you like them, but not that much, be sure to give their previous EP a shot (it's name your price!) Again, it could use some maturing, but it really shows how far they went in a year. - D4AM

"Young Creatures - Buzz Track: O’Wasted Days"

We finally got power back and after a week of sifting through press releases we stumbled upon Young Creatures. The track was recorded live at The Hobby Shop in L.A. This psychedelic rock outfit will mesmerize you if you give it a chance. The band was featured as the Local Anesthetic on Julie Slater’s Out On A Limb show that airs on 88.5 KCSN in LA.
For fans of Cage The Elephant, The Black Keys, etc.
Contact: - Kings of A&R

"Tonight’s Show – 05.25.13!"

The band's latest single, "Waste My Time" is featured on Out On A Limb, which airs on KCSN 88.5 FM in Los Angeles, CA. - Julie Slater's Out On A Limb

"This Week's Local Anesthetic - 9.29.12"

"The Let Down," from Young Creatures' debut EP, was featured as the local anesthetic on 88.5 FM KCSN in Los Angeles (as Four Rounds & The Sound). - Julie Slater's Out On A Limb


Fear All The Things (2014)

Habitats EP (2013)

Young Creatures EP (2012)



Young Creatures are psychedelic-rock band from Los Angeles, CA.  Layering powerful hooks with quirky grooves and dark psychedelic textures, Young Creatures is at once fully accessible and completely original.

The band is coming off the release of Fear All Thing Things, the band’s first full-length album, which was independently released on September 30th, 2014.  Recorded at Kingsize Sound Labs and Red Rockets Glare in Los Angeles, the album was produced, engineered, and mixed by front man Mike Post, engineered by Raymond Richards (Local Natives, The Blank Tapes, Avid Dancer) and mastered by Mark Chalecki (Booker T Jones, AA Bondy, Everest). 

Young Creatures will tour the West Coast, Pacific Northwest and Mid-Southwestern United States in support of the album in October 2014 with stops in Seattle and Portland for the first time.  The album’s titular first single, “Fear All The Things,” is set for a music video release this month directed by the band's own Spencer King.

Young Creatures is Mike Post (vocals & guitar), Andrew Gleason (guitar & vocals), Spencer King (bass) and Michael Escalante (drums).  Album artwork for Fear All The Things was done by John Le, and the band's photography is done by Sam Zachrich.

For booking and other inquires please email the band at

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