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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | AFM

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | AFM
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Young Empires"

“Young Empires is a new love. And “Rain of Gold” is the jam. Pan flute fused with disco punk, something old and something new. Let it rain gold…”
- Big Stereo

"Video: Young Empires, “Glory of the Night”"

This is giving us slight Spandau Ballet vibes, like some melancholy keening you’d hear at dusk in the summer of ‘88—and what is “chillwave” if not the contemporary incarnation of the New Romantics, anyway? Young Empires are from Toronto, where they are pals with fellow hometown electronic heads Azari & III, but are presumably much sadder if the tone of this song is to be believed. If this beautiful, rainy song starts to bum you out, savor it for just one more minute, then head over to their MySpace for a couple other pretty tracks that are more disco angst than wistful swaying. (via Big Stereo)

- Fader

"YOUNG EMPIRES “Rain of Gold” MP3"

This Canadian trio is making tracks like it was early 00s New York City when bands like Radio 4 and The Rapture ruled the streets. Their demo “Rain of Gold” brings back disco-punk as if it never left. Funk bass lines tap dancing, echoing. A chorus will make you sweat. This is what New York needs now. With a lot of the music scene turning to unkempt beards and random noise, New York needs a Young Empire to talk over the clubs. I hope to see this band in New York soon.

- Twenty Seven Views

"YOUNG EMPIRES RAIN down awesome nuggets OF sonic GOLD"

Yes! Yes! Yes! This is it people, right here! Young Empires may be from Toronto, Canada, but they have smashed this one out of the sweaty-dance-party-on-the-beach park! Ride that magic flute on epic waves of rhythm! Let the guitar licks splash in your face as you sing along and think about how awesome life is! I couldn’t think of a better visual to go with this jam! And it’s only a demo? Are they kidding us? Please sir, may I have some more?

- The Burning Ear

"Band To Watch: Young Empires"

Remember this name: Young Empires

Why? Well, they are going to be a big name soon. They are also one of my favorite new bands. Trust me, you would hate to have missed out on an opportunity of being an early Young Empires fan. These guys have all the tools to break out and be the next big dance sensation. Young Empires are a three piece that formed in October 2009 out of Toronto. They have already played alongside acts like Sleigh Bells & Wave Machines since. They have a sound that you may compare to the likes of Friendly Fires and Cut Copy, two very excellent bands. There are only a few songs on their myspace right now, but the band has personally given me one of their songs to share with you. It is called “Rain Of Gold “. It literally does rain on you with gold sounds of perfect dance-rock that has its fare share of tribal influences sprinkled within from the light flute or tropical drums.

“Rain Of Gold” shines because its so crisp and full of energy. It has an incredible groove that channels the early days of some of my favorite acts out there: The Rapture & Yeasayer. The song is only a demo, yet it sounds so natural and ready to be shared with the masses.

Can you say summer jam of 2010? Get it:

- We All Want Someone To Shout For

"Video: Young Empires - "Rain Of Gold""

"Dance-punk isn't dead!", or so declare, it seems, this trio of Toronto-hanging kids called Young Empires, who employ all sorts of hand clap-inducing beats and bass lines to full extent, almost imploring the listener to dance--wherever he/she may be. Fans of the dance punk days of yore (cf. The Rapture's first disc, pre-old person cynicism LCD Soundsystem) will find them easy on the ears, yet they certainly aren't as ferocious, world-weary or uppity about the same contextual benchmarks of the early aughts artists. What this all has to do with the Roman Imperial period-set video is anyone's guess. We'll let you guys all mull it over.

- The Culture of Me

"Young Empires"

Young Empires thrilled us last month when we premiered their almost epic “Rain of Gold” — well, well Young Empires continue to thrill with their new demo “Glory of the Night.” Dark, moody and chill… “Glory of the Night” has all the elements we love. I think it’s a pretty safe bet that we want to keep an eye on this band. I predict big things.
- Big Stereo

"Young Empires: "Glory of the Night" (Video)"

Young Empires are a pop-leaning three-piece from Canada. "Glory of the Night" is a pretty smooth track that's built on a sample that sounds like it's from some 80s funk track. The accompanying clip starts with some puppet dudes and clocks, then literally zooms right off into space. These guys have probably been reading Borges. [Bigstereo]

- Prefix Mag

"Another fine track from Young Empires"

Got this new track from the guys in my new great discovery Young Empires. As I wrote back in the beginning of May, they could be the next big thing. Interesting sound of their own with catchy beats.

This track is a little more mellow but as great like their other few tracks they've made so far. Remember they only started in October last year, so the future are theirs. Keep your eyes open for the upcoming EP, it's going to be huge!

- Tracasseur

"Young Empires – Rain Of Gold"

South Park gives Canada a hard time but believe it or not the Canucks are responsible for some pretty cool shit these days. I mean Jim Carrey gave us Ace Ventura (Part 1 of course), Chromeo Fancy Footwork , Wayne Gretzky was the man, Joni Mitchell never lies and Canadians even invented IMAX, go figure. The latest gift from up North is a Trio from Toronto that goes by the name of Young Empire; Jake Palahnuk, Robert Aaron Ellingson and Matthew Vlahovich could have started EMPT with me. Their musical vision is to marry music with the high life and anyone familiar with the Space Age knows how we feel about that.

Their production style is subtle yet energetic, simple yet captivating and most importantly it makes you want to dance. There seems to be a fearless blending of styles and genres in their music which immediately caught my ear, fresh! Though relatively unknown at the moment, you can expect these guys to catch fire soon. I think they’ve only been together since ‘09 so if there’s more like this on the way there’s a bright future ahead. I have to leave for L.A. in a few hours so I’m gonna have to cut it short but throw this jam on and have your Monday feeling like a Friday with the quickness, enjoy.

- Et Musique Pour Tout

"Young Empires Premiere"

Fuck yeah, disco punk is back in full force. Nothing better. And Young Empires is leading the pack. “Against The Wall” is coupled with another one of the band’s now signature homemade video’s — this time splicing together the fashion world. But it’s the strength of the track that makes “Against The Wall” a winner; vocals that come like waves crashing against a “get your feet moving” instrumental. Perfect. - Big Stereo

"Young Empires "Against The Wall""

Toronto’s post-punk heroes will finally be departing home to shake up some feet across the pond. This summer Young Empires will be doing some dates in the United Kingdom while hitting New York and Chicago on the way back. To prepare you for their dance armageddon they’ve released another demo titled “Against The Wall.” And once again they’ve done it with a thundering culmination of thumping bass, pacing percussion and a chorus that’s irresistible. These guys are coming to get you. - Twenty Seven Views

"(new) Young Empires "Against The Wall""

My boys Young Empires are back with a new demo, and my god, does it hit hard. It’s called “Against The Wall”, and it’s dance rock perfection. With a raging bassline and synths that scream 80s disco, this one deserves to be played at every party and club. The chorus echoes Friendly Fires, which is certainly a compliment. These guys are out of control with good tunes. If you missed “Rain Of Gold” or “Glory Of The Night” you better catch up. Keep in mind that these are only their demos. Their potential is mind-blowing.

These guys are going to be huge someday. Mark my words. - We All Want Someone To Shout For

"Young Empires - Against The Wall"

The Toronto-based purveyors of ‘disco-punk’ unleash some new visuals to accompany their lively single, Against The Wall. Young Empires have been known to push the envelope with some quality home videos, and this time around they pushed it even further with this fashion world montage. You can also head over to their website for more information. - Hypetrak

"Young Empires - 'White Doves' (In Studio) video"

Check out the video for Young Empires 'White Doves' shot in the studio with the band. The Canadian band are on a UK tour this summer and are set to play Club NME KOKO. -

"Young Empires - Why Does it Feel So Good"

Really like this new track called 'Rain In Gold' from Toronto band Young Empires. Any indie-disco merchants that have the smarts and balls to pinch the beat from Spiller's 'Groovejet' are alright in my books... -

"Young Empires - Why Does it Feel So Good"

Really like this new track called 'Rain In Gold' from Toronto band Young Empires. Any indie-disco merchants that have the smarts and balls to pinch the beat from Spiller's 'Groovejet' are alright in my books... -

"Live: Young Empires - Verdict ****"

RAPIDLY gaining publicity for exciting online demos which sound like American band MGMT covering Duran Duran, the Canadian trio prove that there really is substance behind the hype on their first British tour.

Tunes like White Doves have an arsenal of hooks behind the ultra-fashionable synthesizer whooshes.

Meanwhile the band try to find room to dance among their bank of keyboards on the tiny stage.

Hyperactive singer Robert Ellingson's drunk-dad dancing on stage is particularly infectious.

The mighty Rain Of Gold already sounds a certain hit - it's likely the Empires will soon be playing venues big enough to let them and their fans really bust some moves. - News Of The World

"EQ Discovery: Young Empires"

Two words EQs. Obsession. Brewing.

Say hello to new UK band Young Empires who have been slowly winning over live audiences in London with their slightly eerie, dark and whimsical disco rock beats. The first time I heard their track "Glory Of The Night" I was immediately entranced in it's inviting and tempting euphoric sound. When you hear their first single "Rain Of Gold" you'll immediately put them in the same uber cool categorization of Hercules and Love Affair as they got that whole mysterious and too-cool-for-school vibe going on.

In fact, just spend about five minutes on their MySpace page and you'll find yourself excitedly clicking on each track and video waiting to discover the depth and musicality that this handsome trio bring to the indie pop music scene.

Do you like? I do. I'm looking forward to spending more time with Young Empires as they continue to spread their genius to the open ears of the UK's new music lovers, one track at a time. Watch their little video to "Glory Of The Night" as a starting point. You'll be drawn in like I was in no time. - Electro Queer

"New Young Empires: “White Doves”"

Last month I presented these guys as a Band To Watch and already a new song of them has appeared on the interwebs. Also they seem to be pretty busy touring these days. If a band already gets hyped at such early stages, it’s not easy to handle it and to make it right for everyone. But Young Empires somehow seem to manage it quite well! “White Doves”, is as good as the previous ones, if not even better. Chapeau! - Guerolitomusic

"Young Empires"

Hailing from Toronto is indie trio, Young Empires, ripping through the music scene with a blend of tribal, indie, & disco influences layered in each track. Matthew Vlahovich, Robert Aaron Ellingson, & Jake Palahnuk are geared up for the European front with their long, awaited UK debut.
Young Empires jumped in into the view of music bloggers with their demo track “Rain of Gold” -a perfect representation of the variety YE incorporates into their sound – featuring tribal woodwinds & drums with a funky bassline & satisfyingly mellow vocals.

Demo recordings “Against The Wall” & “White Doves” also fail to disappoint. The former; a playful upbeat number – contrasting the latter; a serious, dreamy tune.

These Canadian conquerors have a few more tricks up their sleeve, with remixes for French Horn Rebellion, Sunday Girl, & Two Door Cinema Club ready to be released & upcoming shows in London, Bristol, Brighton, & Glasgow. - We Like It Indie (Blog)

"Emerging Artists #8 – Young Empires"

As regular readers have come to know, our Emerging Artists section is where we introduce you to a new band currently stuck on repeat on Addict Music’s play-list. Up next is Young Empires. The Toronto trio are another band currently blending the finer points of electro and indie to devastating effect. As usual we let the band introduce themselves…
Standard first question, how did you all get together, where you all from and why did you decide to make music together?
YE: We’ve each been in bands since grade school- we met through mutual friends in the Toronto music scene.
How long did it take you to decide on your sound/direction, and how did you come to the
YE: Our sound was never really a decision. We came together respecting eachother’s taste in music and wanting to make new songs of our own.
What equipment are using for recording, and is there any particular reason behind the choice?
YE: For now, we use Ableton Live 8- we also DJ on the side, so all 3 of us are proficient with the software and that really expedites the demoing workflow.
Where was your first show and what was it like?

YE: We supported We Have Band as they came through Toronto. When we got the offer, we’d just been jamming under a month & we had less than 10 minutes of material ready. We wrote the other 20 minutes in a span of two weeks.
What’s the most high profile show you’ve done and what was it like?

YE: Supporting Sleighbells in Toronto just as everyone starting raving about them. The club was sold out & people were standing on chairs just to get a glimpse of the small stage. We were well received by the copious amounts of industry sharks.
So what’s your average day at the moment?

YE: GTL (If anyone can explain, much appreciated – Ed)
If you could change one thing about the music industry what would it be?

YE: Rid us of the bullshitters please- this business is full of them.
What bands/artists are you into at the moment new or old?

YE: Fela Kuti, DJ Slava, Dark Mean, Azari & III
Last gig you went to and what was it like?

YE: White Heat @ Madame JoJo’s- It was essentially a showcase for the UK industry we’ve been corresponding with over the last couple of months. The venue was incredibly sexy, but the A&R, managers, press, etc. apparently don’t think dancing is fun… at least not while they’re “at work”.
What would you like to happen for the band in 2010?

YE: Dolla Dollar bills y’all.
What can people expect when they come to your live shows?

YE: Sweaty rhythm & sexual swagger.
If you could get one band to reform who would it be?
YE: NWA (Hell Yeah – Ed)
What’s coming up next for the band?
YE: Fame, fortune, & stunning good looks.
Young Empires @ Myspace - Addict Music

"Approved: Young Empires"

Canadian pop trio Young Empires formed in Toronto late last year and nine months later are starting to turn an increasing number of heads with a handful of impressive demos, which have been distributed liberally around the blogosphere. One in particular, 'Rain Of Gold', is rising up the Hype Machine charts. They're also one of the bands that everyone who attended this year's NXNE festival in Canada seems to have come home flapping their mouths off about.

Although I labelled them pop back there, they refer to their sound as 'world beat haute rock', which apparently means house beats with pop synths and the odd African or Middle Eastern flourish thrown in there for good measure. This inevitably means that I want to mention Yeasayer, though the connection is loose at best. Maybe Fool's Gold would be better, and there's also a touch of Empire Of The Sun in there, too. I don't know, why don't you try and work it out for yourself, as they're touring the UK this week and next, starting tonight at the White Heat night at Madame JoJo's in Soho. - CMU

"Young Empires - Diamond Rings (Live Review)"

I went to see these lot last night and I have to say I was blown away. As sleazy as Madame Jojo's is, it suited the setting.

Hot and sticky, Young Empires music, should come with a baby wipe. This Toronto 3-piece, playing there first gig outside of their hometown, look and sound like the fully formed real deal already. Yeah the guitarist may look like Jedward's older, more cooler brother, and lead singer Robert Ellingson might dance like me when I'm pissed. But in front of an audience, they really have something special.

Achieving the not-at-all easy task of sounding better live than on record, their songs are floor-fillers that have a sass and funk that similar bands (like The Bravery maybe?) just struggle to achieve. It's interesting mentioning The Bravery, because when they came out, it felt like the end of a scene, if that makes sense. The Killers, who they so aped, were about to go stadium-sized, and bands we're no longer vogue, music fans instead looking to look to more darker, experimental outlets. And so bands that wore their influences on their sleeve, like The Bravery, were soon found out, or just given up on.

What has this all got to do with Young Empires, you may ask? Well it's simply that they seem to have a lot more substance than other bands. Watching them last night, I was struck by how, while they still have a long way to develop, they seemed to already have a foundation set to go on, and build from. It was funny talking to people after, and they all seemed to think that they were just a few songs short of being great, however never did you get the impression that writing those songs was beyond these Cana-danians.

So yeah, I really liked them, I reckon they'll be huge. Turns out Will at We All Want Someone To Shout For is already a big fan, so.....well there goes my h'exclusiveness. Oh dear. Young Empires are doing a bit of a UK tour at the mo'. If you're in LDN, they're at KOKO on Fretag, and The Flowerpot on Tuesday. If you go to their Myspace, though I can't for the life of me know why as Myspace is SO FUCKIN' SHIT!!!!, can download a rather splendid MP3 Bundle, and here's a sample of one of the tracks you will be bundled with.

Delightful. - And Everyone's A Dj

"The Best Bands of NXNE 2010"

If there’s a currently band blowing up during the festival, it’s Toronto’s own Young Empires who head off shortly for their UK debut.

Grown from frontman Matthew Vlahovich’s one-man synth pop band Golden Girls, Young Empires delivered room-shaking post-punk hooks through their complex electro-based setup, to the delight of the enthusiastic, dancing crowd.

Their disco-inflected single Rain Of Gold had people literally jumping along to its irresistibly-rhythmic chorus, while the delicate, brooding guitar line of their slow-burning ballad Glory Of The Night was equally memorable. - Now Magazine

"Young Empires – Glory Of The Night (WAWSTSF Exclusive!)"

I am excited to present our first mp3 exclusive. Young Empires gave me the privilege of sharing their new song “Glory Of The Night” in mp3 form. Its a different animal than”Rain Of Gold“. While “Rain” busted out of the door, “Glory Of The Night” takes its time. The song builds upon layers of sound that show the bands ability to piece together a magical song that gets better with every passing second. It deserves airplay during the nights darkest hour when all of our burning desires come free.

Young Empires are a young band that have already impressed me greatly. With so many strong demo’s, I can only imagine the greatness that will come out of their mastered studio output. Young Empires are bound for greatness. Get to know them asap. - We All Want Someone To Shout For


We like to think our blog is a broad church, writing up a variety of genres, but this week we uncovered one of those bands that seem to hop over the pigeon holes like, well, a very unwilling pigeon. We recently uncovered this Canadian three piece and within approximately thirty seconds had our blog’s quills dipped and ready – so instantly likeable is every demo they’ve produced to date. The Big Stereo blog described their sound as “pan flute disco punk“, which is brilliantly accurate, as they fully employ the Peruvian instruments and pounding four beats, but there’s also evidence of a fantastic, refined style to go with their confident pomp – which, when all packaged up together, will surely have the teen crowd jumping. Disco implies something simple and although their lyrics are occasionally a little obvious, it’s saved by their intelligent tropical additions that riff away within each song, giving the listener a more subtle balance on each track. On their demo Glory Of The Night, they show us that they can slow it down, which is encouraging evidence of a broader tunesmithery. Fans of Friendly Fires, or the more recent Tanlines, will have their ears twisting around to this blend of electro indie pop. Their songs flow smoothly and enjoy drops the size of the Angel Falls, as they crash into huge, confident choruses. In a year when giant acts such as Arcade Fire and Crystal Castles bring out their new LPs, it’s great to see that Canada’s factory lines are also still producing exciting new acts such as Young Empires. They’re still currently unsigned, but starting to get noticed, as apparently the Canadian A&R regularly line up outside their gigs. They plan to head over to the UK for a few shows in late July and naturally The Recommender is fighting hard to obtain them for a Brighton showcase. We will of course keep you informed, but in the meantime get your panpipes out and enjoy a little blast along to this. (MB) - The

"Young Empires – Glory of the Night"

I have to say, this track really grew on me. I am not even completely sure why or how except to say that the track almost has a hypnotic, lullaby-esque quality to it. It’s dreamlike and mysterious. Hailing from Toronto, Young Empires is made up of Jake Palahnuk, Robert Aaron Ellingson and Matthew Vlahvich. Anyone who lists both MC Hammer and Labatt 50 on a list of the band interests is worth looking into. There is a video for the song HERE and you can download the track for free HERE (via Big Stereo). -

"Young Empires"

Young Empires are another unsigned band with massive, gargantuan promise. The trio from Toronto hold just four demos on their myspace page, and a relatively small number of plays, which only means discovering them now gets all the more exciting. Listening to Rain of Gold is like standing under a gold waterfall in a magical rain forest; the pan pipes and tribal drums pull the band away from many other new sounds, and the song fits their self-proclaimed niche of electro-tropical indie perfectly. Certainly this song is destined to be a traveller’s anthem, it reeks of summer and lovely warm sunshineyness.

Glory of the Night is somewhat toned down, taking things a little slower than the last, but is by no means lesser because of this. It is refreshing to find a band who are experimental, and who prefer to give their fans a slightly new direction with each song.

Young Empires remind me of early Yeasayer, MGMT and Friendly Fires; they hold the same level of energetic pang and are truly creating anthems in the making. That the songs are mere demos shows what can be done, and we will eagerly await to see what can be improved in a nice polished studio release. - The

"CBC Radio 3 - Track of the Day for June 24, 2010: Young Empires “Rain of Gold”"

Last week at NXNE I stumbled into The Dakota Tavern just in time to check out Toronto’s Young Empires. Within 10 seconds they turned the basement alt country bar into a giant dance party. It was one of my festival highlights.

I can’t stop listening to ‘Rain of Gold’, and I dare you to find a better song featuring a pan flute. - CBC Radio 3

"O disco punk dos canadenses do Young Empires"

O trio canadense – formado por Robert Aaron Ellingson, Jake Palahnuk e Matthew Vlahovich – do Young Empires aposta num disco punk empolgante. Detalhe na flauta de Pã e no vídeo mitológica de “Rain of Gold”. - MTV Brazil


Os Young Empires são Robert Aaron Ellingson, Jake Palahnuk e Matthew Vlahovich (ex-membro da banda GoldenGirls), trio sediado em Toronto.

A banda descreve-se como “Spooky Vogue///Haute Rock”, o que se resume a ambientes electro-disco-punk frenéticos, com canções volumosas de energia explosiva. Uma injecção de adrenalina dance-pop, a roçar as batidas agressivas e largamente aditivas. Uma banda obrigatória para apreciadores de nomes como Friendly Fires, Foals ou Franz Ferdinand, onde dominam os baixos, os synths ondulantes sob uma voz que seduz entre notas cantadas ou gritadas em plenos pulmões.

Deixo o vídeo do novo single Rain of Gold, inspirado na civilização romana, e a banda em acção em Bodies. Aconselho um salto ao myspace para ouvirem uma mão cheia de faixa interessantes. - Stereo Beat Box


Glory of the Night (single) released on Kitsune.



Young Empires are a Canadian music group that has garnered significant critical acclaim and international success since their inception in October 2009. NME Magazine compared Young Empires’ sound to the likes of The Killers, Arcade Fire, Yeasayer, The Rapture, and Foals. Defined by swirling synthesizer tones, soulful bass grooves, and funky guitar rhythms, Young Empires deliver fresh yet distinguished dance tracks full of swagger, sexuality, and a little angst.
Young Empires have been particularly well-received in the fashion world; their track “Glory of the Night” was released on Parisian fashion/music label Kitsune and “Against The Wall” has been featured on a viral video for Nylon TV.

Young Empires have performed at numerous international showcases in London, New York, and Los Angeles. In 2010 they supportws notable acts including: Chromeo, Jamiroquai, Dragonette, Sleigh Bells, !!! (Chk Chk Chk).