Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA
BandHip Hop

Im Chris Aka Young'Future im a HipHop/Rap Music Artist I been doing music since i was 9 but i really started to record my music when i was 14. Im VERY Talented And hopeing to foward my career and look for a deal. I also write my own music.


Im Chris, AKA Young'Future im a very talented hiphop/rap music artist i write and also record my own music. Im from a small town named Gurnee in Illinois and i have been doing music since i was 9 yrs old, I have only starting recording myself at the age of 14 and been doing it ever since. What really got me into music and recording was my Uncle who had past away in 2005, he was my mentor and the only person that tought me how to rap. My other influences are Soulja Boy, and Lil Wayne. and those are the only people i actually look up to, to keep me motivated in my music. What really sets me apart from all these other unsigned HipHop/Rap music artist is that i dont just rap about money or girls or anything like that. I rap about what i been through in my life and what i want to achive in my life. I been told that im very talented and that i have potential in the future of my career in music. I work hard everyday writing music and figuring out what im going to do. I just hope one day that it all pays off and paying off as in signing to a Record Deal, and starting my new life.


I Have about 20-50 songs out mostly on youtube i have 2 songs out on iTunes. and right now im working on my Mixtape which is going to be called "Back To The Future" Ill be working with New Artists and mixing up my music a little bit to give my fans something "new" to listen to.