Young G

Young G

 Newark, New Jersey, USA
BandHip HopR&B

My company deals with Hip Hop and R&B. I'm a solo artist looking to get signed. I make music everyone can feel. I write songs not just freestyles. I'm one of the best coming from Jersey.


My music is something grandmother's and young ones can listen too. I think my music is special to people ears. I bring joy to people life. I bring something different to the table. I have a different styles from other artist, that style is jersey style. I'm influence by how we can make people dance and enjoy my music. What set me apart from other bands is my personality. I'm from Jersey, and I just want to expand the talent I was bless with. I came from nothing trying to make it out the hood. It equal up to the same story as everone else, but a little different. I'm just trying to make my dreams come true.


Father and Son

Written By: Ibn Alston


They say father son/
Son like father/So I pray too heavliy father/From going down the same path as my father/But it hurt's when you have no father/To help you survive through most of your problems/


Twelve years in can't fort'em/did what he did and it bought'em time from his kids/graduated from eight grade/just step in high school/lot of pressure on my chest/but i made it through/ mom's couldn't make me a man/so i did and let the streets so what it can/still stand my ground and respected you like i can/cause you was part of making me who i am/your mistakes was a highlight in my life/with that i was able to keep focuse on my life/think twice before making a move/thank god for putting me through what he put me through/



know you feel some of my pain/ coming to visit seeing that look in your eye/just knowing you couldn't survive without me by your side/can't wait for them twenty-two months/so you can do what you want/nothing like freedom/cause everything affect everything and time apart/cause it affected my heart/cards and letters separating us apart/but the calls that i get brings us closer then we throught/time move fast and i became a man/pathes i took i know once we talk ye'll understand/


Set List

My set are how long a person give me to perform. Then I plan which song to do first, second, and etc.