Young Goodman

Young Goodman

 San Diego, California, USA

Young Goodman is an energetic alternative/rock band from San Diego, CA with a pop vocal edge, complimented by aggressive rhythms from behind the kit and catchy flowing riffs from bass and guitars. Formed in 2005 the band consisted of three members: C.J. Ackerman on vocals and guitar, Freddy Ackerman on drums and backing vocals, and Kyle Bostch on bass. Adam Minjares joined the band in Oct 2007 as a second guitarist, which has filled out the depth and quality of the live performance and writing p


Young Goodman has been capturing crowds and making fans with the band’s self-titled EP. Young Goodman’s sound comes packing with a whole lot of heart and just as much melody. The music delivers a focused, energetic wallop and sucks you in with emotive songwriting and impassioned performances.

The song “Epitaph” lays out for the world to see the kind of infectious rock for which Young Goodman is responsible. Melodies explode through sharp guitar lines, galvanizing grooves and a formidable assault of rock-n-roll fire. The song was written about a friend’s loss of his father. Ironically, the Ackerman’s father passed away shortly thereafter and a tribute to him was worked into the bridge of “Epitaph.”

Young Goodman is C.J. Ackerman (guitars, vocals), Freddy Ackerman (drums, backing vocals) Adam Minjares (guitars) and Kyle Botsch (bass). After the Ackerman brothers moved from South Dakota to California in 2004, Young Goodman was formed, with its original line-up including C.J. and Freddy and a third Ackerman brother Ben. Family issues sent the third Ackerman back home to South Dakota.

The remaining Ackerman’s, C.J. and Freddy, forged ahead, discovering Kyle Botsch and completing a trio of talented, enthusiastic musicians. After a year of playing as a trio Young Goodman collectively agreed that a second guitar member would complete the sound they wanted. After several guitar players auditioned Adam landed the spot. Young Goodman has opened for such acts as Mayday Parade, Medina Lake, The Leo Project, Unwritten Law, and most recently Sick Puppies. The band’s song “Thoughtful Words” and “Evidence” are routinely played on the radio station 105FM and 91X in San Diego.