Young G.O

Young G.O

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Young's music is Energetic, upbeat, relevant, well thought out, club, contains supreme lyricism, catchy and crowd engaging! It is universal and not relegated to one geographical location or region! All can identify with my music, from little kids, to an international audience! I rep all walks of lif


Young G.O is a 21 year old phenom and the flagship artist of MosbyMusic. He is from Louisville, Ky's notorious west end, and has seen the negative reminents of poverty, gang violence, prostitution, and drug infestation. These experiences are reflected in his music, making for a very informative, street commentary type of flow, mixed with a upbeat party vibe! This unique style makes his music relevant to all, and creates a style all his own. His performances are exciting, upbeat and full of energy! And he's graced the stage with the likes of Webbie, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, And Shawty Lo to name a few,as the opening act. His new smash single, "Dont Call Just Text Me" has excellerated his career and garnered regional success despite being a brand new record. Young G.O is the future of hip hop with his self proclaimed CityFied Cuntry Swagg, and is destined or greatness, as his name Young Great One implies! Get ready hip hop!!!


Haters Anthem(Single),Dont Call Just Text Me(current single) receiving commercial and Internet play. "More Shocking News The Mixtape" and More Shocking News "Derby Edition-Mixtape Releases

Set List

Young G.O's show typically lasts between 12-15 minutes of exciting upbeat and relevant music. Always ending with his current single!