Young Gunna

Young Gunna

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
SoloHip HopR&B


Young Gunna "The Greatest", was born and raised in Augusta, GA. Young Gunna is a recent graduate of Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where he quickly became not your average student but the man on campus!

While in college Young Gunna rapidly made a name for himself by entering in freestyle battles on the "Yard" where people began to take him more serious. Being a student-athlete and a member of the golf team Young Gunna released his debut single "TigerWoods" that featured two of his lable mates (Group known as the Lavish Boyz) Snook Da Rokkstar and Lotto Lambo. "TigerWoods" has been getting play on several local radio stations and clubs as far west as Louisiana and as far south as South Carolina. YoungGunna just dropped his highly anticipated mixtape "KollegeKnockout" hosted by Snook Da Rokkstar" and its been making its way fast thru the digital world on several mixtape sites.

Young Gunna is set to drop his second single "Dance Like We Lovin" that will serve as his first single off of his upcoming mix tape Kollege Knockout2. "Dance Like We Lovin" will definitlely be a track for that one bad chick every HBCU has walking on the yard, that every guy wants and that evey chick wants to be like. Yeah, Young Gunna is very versitile in everything that he brings to the table when it comes to his music ability. His musical influences includes the likes of Kanye West, TI, Kendric Lamar, and Redman just to name a few. However, the biggest guiding hand and/or force in the early and present success of Young Gunna have to be his mentor Snook Da Rokkstar. Snook has helped in shaping Young Gunna into becoming the "king" of all HBCU yards, cafeterias and stadiums across the country.

"KollegeKnockout" the mixtape is currently out but that has not stopped Young Gunna from working on "KollegeKnockout2" which is expected to drop September 11th 2013. Young Gunna has positioned himself to be a force within the hip hop music scene by not just his skills in the booth but the magic he creates with his hands. His uncanny ability to not only be able to write a hot 16 but his crafty and musical ear in producing a hot track makes Young Gunna a dual threat in the music industry. Young Gunna "The Greatest" is here! So pay attention and be on the lookout you might find Young Gunna posted up on a school yard in a city near YOU!!! YOUNG GUNNA "THE GREATEST"


"TigerWoods"(Radio Single) Airplay in Baton Rouge LA, Augusta GA, and Columbia SC markets. (Released Fall 2011)

KollegeKnockout (Debut Album Released Spring 2012)

KollegeKnockout2 (Album Release Date January 13, 2015)