Young Has Beens

Young Has Beens

 Oakland, California, USA

Smart-assed pop rock ala A.C. Newman, Elvis Costello, The Hold Steady, The Kinks. Fun, poignant, slightly goofy.


File YHB between the rock of ages and unibrow sages. The wisdom of the stupefied ricochets dangerously around classic pop structures that evoke both new-world disorder and old-world corpulence. In performance, the band chugs through their set with demented abandon, inviting the audience to feast at a gaudy table set with the bones of rock and roll's checkered past and the foul offal of post-punk's dubious future. Make no mistake: You can put lipstick on a pig, but you can't put Young Has Beens on a shelf. -THIS CUSTOM BIOGRAPHY WAS CREATED USING "BILL & TED'S AWESOME MUSIC PRESS GRAVITAS GENERATOR"!


New Super-Single Available April 2009

Four Demonstration
Four Song EP available June 2006

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Set List

We currently perform 30 - 60 minute, all original showcase-style sets.