Young Hawkins

Young Hawkins


Our music is best described as Americana, straddling the line between country and folk, and thematically, our songs explore some of the darker aspects of life. Our lyrics, complemented by tight harmonies and finger picked guitar lines, create a country-noir-type experience.

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Drifter's Song

Written By: Chapman/Snyder

A grey-eyed morn in north Kentucky
A sad eyed dawn is the one that finds me there
A drifter’s song: I’m in a jailhouse with no money,
And I’m waiting for the one who put me there

A Friday night, out in the back bars
A bar-room fight, after spending all my pay
He had a knife, I had my bare hands;
Still I’m the one who won it all and then walked away

And so began my long run from justice
And when I ran, I know I could have made it all the way
‘Cept on the road, I met up with a farmer’s daughter
Whose deep brown eyes, they kept me longer than my evening’s stay

And then one morning from my slumber
I woke up early to find myself in trouble again;
My girl had gone and got the sheriff,
Who said he’d see my fate tried before twelve honest men

And now I sit in my cell and wonder
If there’s a reason to why I’m rotting here
And still I pray for a visit from the farmer’s daughter
To give hope to my soul that I have someone who cares

Glad You're Mine

Written By: Chapman/Snyder

I met her in a bar down on South Street.
I said “Hey there, girl, you’re sure pretty.”
I bought her a beer, and when last call was near,
I said “Come on and spend this night time out with me.”

So we hitched out of town with a passing pickup,
And we hiked on down to where the river filled the quarry in.
I put my blanket on the ground, and without another sound,
We were loving each other with our lives about to begin.
And we closed our eyes.

We got married that next summer in a shotgun wedding:
Just my bride, her folks, the judge, my brother and me.
From the court house we went home, so we’d be together alone,
And lay on the bed and dream about how things were going to be.
And we closed our eyes.

Now these ten years have passed us by so damn fast,
And we’ve both had our share of tough times.
But when I feel like I'm going to break, on those mornings, before you’re awake
I whisper, “Baby, I’m so glad that you are mine”
My baby, I’m sure glad that you are mine.
Baby, I’m sure glad that you are mine.
Baby, I’m sure glad that you are mine.
Baby, I’m sure glad that you are mine.


Written By: Chapman/Snyder

In a bar in a Texas town;
Sitting alone, but I’m drinking down my beer – Jack walks in, a smile in his face.
He buys me a drink and says it’s time to go;
We’re heading on down to Mexico – he’s got him a car, it’s time to get outta this place.

We stumbled out in that Texas air.
Breathing in deep, I hadn’t a care in this world, when Jack popped the clutch and we rolled out of town.
We drove on into night-time with spirits high,
Watching heat lightning streak the sky: crossing the border to take in what was around.

When we left I didn’t know my heart would stay in Mexico
With Maria, always soft and always kind;
I only loved her for one night I know, down in Matamoros, Mexico -
But Maria, she is always on my mind.

Maria worked a bar down in Naranjo,
But hitchhiked up to northern Mexico when her father passed on, ‘cause she had nothing left for her there.
One night she met up with Jose –
He left her on the road in a family way; after that she worked the nights, and spent all her daytimes in prayer.


We spent our time in each other’s arms
Holding tight to forget the harm of the world, and leave behind our troubles for a while
I remember the look of her deep brown eyes
And the touch of her lips when we said goodbye and when I think of her now, even though I feel sad, I still smile.


I only loved her for one night I know, down in Matamoros, Mexico -
But Maria, she is always on my mind.