Young Heirlooms

Young Heirlooms

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Young Heirlooms music is filled with nostalgia while the soulful sounds of tight harmony, passionate lyrics, and heart-wrenching instrumentation envelope every murmuring soul. It's music and sound handed down from a bygone era, loved for its history, yet remaining in a new contemporary setting.


Storytelling through song is an American tradition. Acclaimed Cincinnati songsmiths Young Heirlooms take you on a nostalgic journey with their sentimental, heartfelt original tunes. Music and lyrics composed by Kelly Fine and Chris Robinson is based on family history, personal experiences, and adventures on the run.

Anticipate the timelessness of bygone musical eras, dynamic lyrical themes, appropriately antique instrumentation, with a contemporary kick. This six piece band has the ability to resonate with a wide scope of audience members, giving them a do-not-miss reputation throughout the Midwest.