Young Hines

Young Hines

 Downers Grove, Illinois, USA

If you walk back through the decades of time, placing this music in any of the time frames seems difficult. From the dark lyrics of Nick Drake, to the beautiful melodies of John Lennon, this music truly has a sound of it's own. The style is most commonly described as indie rock.


Young Hines was born in Atlanta, Georgia on the bicentennial. He began playing music at age 12 and has been writing ever since. Saying one has a wide range of musical styles is cliche, however hitting age 20, Hines had already shared the stage with Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Monkeys, and Johnny Rivers while playing with The Roaches, a Beatles tribute band. He later when on to share stages with David Mallett, Tony Trischka, The Little River Band, Confederate Railroad, and Kate Campbell, while playing with Bailey Jester. Bailey Jester was an acoustic folk duo with his brother, Matt Jordan. Bailey Jester won album and song of the year from JUST PLAIN FOLKS music awards in 2002. Bailey Jester's end led to Young moving to Chicago, where he recorded two full length solo albums, one was released in 2007, the other to be released the end of 2009. In 2010 Young was signed to ReadyMade Records in Nashville Tn and did a world tour with label owner Brendan Benson of the Raconteurs. Hines is currently working on a new record and playing shows everywhere.


Only In a Dream

Written By: Young Hines

I saw you watching me, you knew I could see and you laughed.
We fell safe from the breeze, and far from the whispering grass.
Nobody knew what you'd been through but me
so we lied there quietly,
and fell asleep. Sweet dreams.
Close off the outside and run through the inside of dreams.

Moon beams and fairies seem to know you by your name.
And they follow you everything you do, like they'll never let you go.
But I got the feeling you been here before,
but mostly you came on your own.
To go to sleep. Sweet dreams.
close off the outside and run through the inside of dreams.
When your eyes open I know you'll be hopin to find.
What's only in a dream.

I sat up wide awake lines in my face what to do?
There's no bread crumb trail, ships have set sail what to do?
Are you over the mountains and down by the fountain?
wish I could make it to you.
And go to sleep sweet dreams
Close off the outside and run through the inside of dreams.
Till my eyes open I know Ill be hopin to find,
What's only in a dream.
What's only in a dream
What's only in a dream
What's only in a dream


Young- 2007

Octagon- 2009

Only In A Dream -2010 Covered by Brendan Benson of the Raconteurs

Give Me My Change-2012 released on Brendan Benson's ReadyMade Records in Nashville TN

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