Young Hollywood

Young Hollywood

 Pensacola, Florida, USA

"Young Hollywood" is snatching yo people up!, with only two members they are definitely a band you are going to want to watch in the up coming months.


One the hardest parts of being in a successful band is finding dedicated members that will stick it through with you, knowing this from experience is how the two members of "Young Hollywood" came together. Both tired of flakey band members holding them back they decided to get together in the summer of 2010 after they're current projects had broken up and try something different, In late july they started writing songs for an e.p. and l.p by august they had 20 and began recording the songs themselves in a bedroom studio, now sending out press kits and preparing for live shows "Young Hollywood" is a name a name you are going to want to remember in the upcoming year. Both members John Manza, and Brian Benauer come from successful touring bands (Manza - "Glory of This" and Benauer "Sky Tells All") they have brought they're talents together to create a new musical experience for your eyes and your ears.


Young Hollywood has just finished recording 20 songs between the months of july and sep 2010 and are currently making press kits to send out with the demos,

We will have a few of the songs posted on our Facebook to support our upcoming live dates, And hope to release an e.p and l.p next year

Set List

1. Intro (dance all night)

2. Make it Hot!!

3. Scandelous

4. In luv & war

5. Cover

6. Live Together, Die Alone...