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As far as I can remember I've had a love affair with music. I started working on a plan to create a way into the music industry through various promotional and marketing stradegies I picked up through ton's and ton's of research. I knew it would take being in the right place and meeting the right people to make something happen. With ATL booming I knew I had to definitly work hard to get label's and scout's to notice me way out here and Winnipeg, Manitoba. Knowing what I had to do to reach my goal's, I then started Collaboration of local hip hop showcase for artist's to perform and promote their music.

Paying Dues Aint' EASY!!!!

I started working on a plan to drop a few mixtape's, then came the album along with the tour of the year to set off the album n have sale's reach the goal I needed to succeed. I had enough money to rent a small basement studio in North Winnipeg. After not having much except my studio equipment, pen and pad I learned how to deal with the struggle of chasing a check in the music business. I jumped at every opportunity to make new contacts and learn more about the business so when I was getting offer's to open up for Major Label artist's such as Belly, Lil Wayne, Juelz Santana, Buju Banton & many more I ate 'em up. With help from local media, friend's and family I was in the mix, making sure the local radio stations, online radio station's and clubs had all the latest young juve records.

Definitly Alot Of Struggle

Where I had got myself at this point in life, obviously attracted the "Hater's". Hearing about my show's, offer's, and radio play made other local artist's extremely envious cause they felt they were being left out. At one point they lead themselve's to shutting down one of my performance's opening for a Major Label artist by sending in threat's to the promoter's putting on the event which instead of beefing up security lead the LOCAL POLICE to shut me down themselve's stating that it would be "for my own protection" and I was not to show up at the event or I would be "escorted out of the show in handcuff's". This brought ALOT of media attention my way which in the end worked for the better. Local media station's, new's paper's, magazine's, all wanted to get a peice of Young Juve! Hustlin in the game for little to no money and living in the Murder Capital of Canada and commuting to the city was no joke..but that taught me about sacrifice and paying dues...


So I dropped out of highschool the year of 2007-2008 (thinking of finishing off my last bit of credit's) but my heart and mind was focused on making a name for myself in the music industry and getting my foot in the door to make an impact! I knew being away at school would cut me out the loop. So I put my trust in all my hard working's and hoped that it would pay off for me in the end. One thing most artist's that wan't to make it don't know is that the music isn't just a game, or something you do to fit in and get car's, money, and clothes (although who could say no to all that). This life is a constant GRIND! You got to push to the limit, and after that, you push even further. For me, I LOVE this life. The constant promotion's, writting, producing, engineering, every aspect of it I love. I wake up hip hop, I live hip hop, and go to bed hip hop.


This would have to be the most intense and exhilirating experience of my career. Everyday experimenting with flow's, expanding the vocabulary, I would have to say I came a long way from when I first started my career. From producing, to engineering, to booking, CEO of indie label, promoter, markerting manager, to hip hop artist, I would have to say I'm a one man label on my own. What am I waiting on? That big break! I need the world to hear and notice me. Know that you can't take someone for granted because they where born in Canada. I'm not jumping at every label that approaches, trust me I've turned down my fair share of label offer's, lot's of offer's. I know once you sign away your life your pretty much out of business for the lenght of the contract if you sign with the wrong one. So I'm making sure that when I do represent myself to the world, I'm backed by one of the strongest label's in the world, and we'll show everyone what young talent in Canada really has to offer.

Lot's And Lot's And Lot's Of It

To really make it in the music business I knew I would have to know everything there is to know. I researched and researched till my eye's grew tired of seeing black lettering on white screen's or paper, and after a quick break I would get right back at it again. Like I said before, the music business is not just an overnight thing, it's a constant grind, you really got to put your all into it. Mastering all aspect's of engineering, promoting, performing, ect. Now I'm ready to launch the album and tour for the summer of 2008 which I know will make a big impact