Jacksonville, Florida, USA
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Young King David’s sizzling new southern rap style is spicing up the Word of God and is sure to set you on fire for Christ. His debut album, College Graduate gets its swag on with songs like ROC WITH THE ROCK, a party starting anthem PEP RALLY and a rock out banger SUM CUM LAUDE!


Young King David’s sizzling new southern rap style is known for spicing up the Word of God. You will never catch him watering down the gospel to get his message out but couples it with banging beats and flaming lyrics relevant to hip-hop fanatics.

His debut album, College Graduate released on September 25, 2010 and doesn’t fail to deliver. The album also gets its swag on with songs like ROC WITH THE ROCK, a party starting anthem PEP RALLY and a rock out banger such as SUMMA CUM LAUDE just to name a few.
Overall, the album College Graduate is a raw testimonial of Young King David mainly focusing on finishing what you start. In this victorious lyrical biography the artist takes listeners through his graphic journey going from being abused by his mother addicted to cocaine to skipping school and selling drugs on the street corner. College Graduate talks about what motivated Young King David to give his life to Christ and take his education seriously.
For over 7 years, Young King David has been a dedicated member and serving under the fine leadership of Bishop George L. Davis of Faith Christian Center Church in Jacksonville, FL, a ministry extension under Bishop Keith A. Butler of Word of Faith International in Detroit, Michigan. He also solidified his music ministry under the supervision of Christlike Flavor Ministries, spearheaded by Maurice “Mad Man” Brailsfords from New Covenant Ministries, Jacksonville, FL. Dynamically taught the Word and how to effectively apply it in everyday settings, Young King David has an anointing from God to benefit any audience.

Young King David tours the country frequently. He’s hit the stage in ministry with Pettidee, D Mobb, T-Juan, Brinson, Big Fil and has been featured on several television programs including the J-Mack Gospel music show in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Today, Young King David (David Holmes) is a Florida State University graduate. He earned his bachelor’s in finance in 2008 and works as a licensed stock broker for a leading investment firm. He also graduated Summa Cum Laude from Bible College and Seminary in Tallahassee, FL. He is married to his beautiful wife Madiyah M. Holmes.



Written By: David Holmes

Roc’ with the ROCK
We are going to rock with the rock, rock, rock with the rock, rock, rock with the rock from right to left/ We are going to rock with the rock, rock, rock with the rock, rock, rock with the rock from life to death/ “ …..” left to right “…..” death to life/ (3x)Who is the Rock, who, who is the rock who, who is the rock…Jesus!
Background hook: Rock with me
Verse 1:
I’m going to rock with him/ drop with him/ raise with him, pop with him, see satan drop with him/ his kingdom on lock with him/ when I represent Jesus/ everybody want to get a piece of/ life to the fullest get clean up/ access granted holla Jesus/ Jesus/ What it is what you want over here I don’t front/ I quit smoking blunts/ and I still party with the rock cause you won’t/ and I get crunk bumping in your trunk/ salvation free like you get a free lunch/ satisfaction in your spirit cause I’m packing punch/ motivation on the raise cause you in a crunch/ quit man you won’t/ situation slump/ cause you done grind it out like a tree stump/ so I rock with it, I lean with it, I represent Jesus cause he clean with it
Verse 2:
I’m built on the rock/ you built on the/ we built on the rock/ let build on the rock/ kingdom keep building on the rock/ one day we going to give to the rock/ eternally we going to live with the rock/ not the kind on the block but the kind to make you stop/…shake shake rock shake, shake, shake rock/…hoooo, get loose from the slop/ knee high don’t stop/ high step high step until your feet can’t stop/ this is realer than pop/spicy than Cajun/ reppin’ my lord cause you know that he blazing/ fire music got your hands in amazement/ 3x(setting things right put him back in his placement)
Verse 3:
The rock is in me everything unlike he must flee must flee/ I’m jamming to the beat cause it’s that fire/ that heat that heat/ this will wake you up on the inside no more sleep, no sleep/ he done changed my life in the past seven years I’m heat I’m heat/ so rooted still waters run deep I’m like a tree a tree/ I get taught the word I teach the word that’s me that’s me/ when it all said and done your boy will be complete, complete/ I go hard for God no more shackles I’m free, I’m free/ His blood was the payment redemption not cheap, not cheap/ so I rock with the rock non-stop non-stop you see you see.


Written By: David Holmes

Summa Cum Laude

Hook: 3x (I’m Summa Cum Laude, la la laude)Hooo we la la laudeeee
Chant: (Gone give him praise/He la la laude ancient of days/ He’s la la laude

1st Verse
I want to be approved, so I study/ no J-Christ dude friends no no no buddy/ no ring on her finger then no no cutting/ shorty see I’m fresh but I’m not book-less/ book bag on my back and my collar shirt press/ I’m headed to class with my mind on task/ I’m Summa Cum Laude believe I’m gone pass/ top tier in my ranking/ yeah I’m cool with it I don’t care what you thinking/ yeah I’m school with it education get you banking/ wrong crew with it skipping school get you stanking/ as long as you in it get as much as you can take in/ the sky is the limit no excuses stop the faking/ the only way to eat you got to work for the bacon/2x(leave the idles alone you on top now they hating)

2nd Verse
You can’t fool me I’m la la laude/ you can school me I’m la la laude/ gone kick knowledge I’m la la laude/ I wont skip college I’m bout my my knowledge/ knowledge is power/ this a different hour/ work in kingdom way and the blessing will shower/ go getter, go getter, go getter you not coward/ lets take it by force this the kingdom lets crowd up/ no matter what the test big sins or satan best/ if I’m college or family’s life a mess/ the greater one in me he brings lots of rest/ he reigns in me you don’t wont contest/ I’m succeed top notch nothing less/ I’m press a a a press/ leaning the spirit and not not the flesh/ I can be taught cause meekness the best

3rd Verse
I don’t really have to know it all/ I know the one who knows it all/ provided provision it keeps me from the fall/ I’m take it all the way he pass me the ball/ no rumble no drop lets rock with the rock/ I’m built on his word I don’t swerve from the block/ life throw me challenges I lean on the rock/ hit a home run now they fiend the rock/ want their mind bright now they clang to the rock/ excel exceed beyond measure/ give you wisdom insight for life that his pleasure/ now you in his word trying to seek for that treasure/ aint no knowledge like his no fake that pleather/ make your way to Jesus Christ real that leather,/ He made it simple and it’s free yeah that cleaver/ God on the inside with a PHD that better/ you can’t live without this blood then you’re not covered


Written By: David Holmes

1st Verse:
Who I am who I am I’m myself/ I’m not even trying to be you or be somebody else/ put my character on the shelf I was fearfully made/ If we were Trump tight then you know I’m the Ace/when I roll through the hood yeah they know I get paid/ I’m a true gentlemen I’m not trying to get laid/I throw ‘em some keys so they can unlock the cage/ cats on the block but they locked in rage/I had to quit that, told myself I would flip that, go to school, play hooky I had to skip that/ now I’m Sum Summa Cum Laude/ degrees under my belt I’m somebody/ I won’t let another man determine my worth/ in conception I was gifted from my birth/ I had to change my whole mindset that was my hurst
2nd Verse:
See the way I looked at life man it had to change/I went from living that hood life and playing them games/trying to fit in them fads wearing them brand names/with a hustle on a side trying to make that cream/pushing weight to be hard trying to make that team/ now I say excuse me with a shirt and a tie/ or with a collar shirt pressed up why would I lie/ with them specs on my eyes I see things clearer/now I know who I am when I look in the mirror/ I’m a strong intelligent African American/ weakness, ignorance it try to shame me son/ cause me to fail then it try to blame me son/draw me in closer it tried to cling me son/ I use to chase money, cars, clothes, women/2x(now I seek knowledge this is wisdom from the beginning)
3rd Verse:
This is so amazing I’m headed to the alter/when my phone ring I don’t have to play it off bruh/you can duck and dodge I‘m not even trying to flodge/ gone chase that donkey I got a stallion in the garage/a women who is smart bright on her tippy toes/ knows how to make dough without having stripy clothes/oooladedade and make me want her body/ its none of that I had to change my mind properly/ and come correct this what I do, man follow me /I get filled up like I just grilled/ I’m shining man now I’m all built up/it my timing man that got me so lived up/I’m be me do me with a crew when it all boils down I won’t even front for you/I’m be me do me without a crew when it all boils downs I won’t even front for you.



Set List

Honorarium: $$ (minimum) - in cash or CERTIFIED FUNDS via PayPal or EFT transfer. Please call publicist-Madiyah, (904)8662665 for details.

Product Sales: YKD will have CDs for purchase. Please provide (1) 6’ clothed and skirted table with 2 volunteers to sell product and internet access for CD purchases via credit/debit card.

Host will also provide for travel expenses (rental car/gas/flight) to and from location-in cash or CERTIFIED FUNDS.

Venue Requests:
Please provide 4 bottles of room temperature water for YKD (NO SODIUM). Sound check will be scheduled at least (1) hour prior to appearance.

A MP3 player direct plug. This plays music directly over loud speakers. Please note that YKD's music is on a MP3 Player and on CD format. However, a MP3 device provides a smooth transition from song to song.

Sound: Two Professional Quality CD players, Two professional quality UHF handheld, cordless microphones, One stool, One mic stand,Two stage monitors,MP3 playe