Leo (AKA: Young Lee)

Leo (AKA: Young Lee)

BandHip Hop

Young Lee (Leo] is the hottest Rap artist to hit the south. With his fresh sound and emotion filled lyrics you can't help but party, laugh and cry with him. With his album "Coming Out" he will let you look into his life and what makes him who he is today.


Young Lee grew up on the streets. His family and friends gave him enough heartache to write several albums with. His love is boxing, movies and rapping. He wants to be a role model for everyone who has a passion and wants to share it. Rap music is Leo's passion. Influenced by all the greats in Rap.


I am a brand new spanking baby to the music industry. Be good to me.

Set List

I have performed on the street forever. Alot of freestyle. I do local clubs and parties.