Young Lords

Young Lords


Howling, sweating, beer, the devil, highways and cowboy boots, birds flipped, noses thumbed, sunglasses cocked. It's time to bring rock 'n' roll back to what it was always suppose to be.


With rock music busy courting ivy league exotica, guyliner melodrama, and sports metal jockiness, it’s refreshing to hear a return to the simple stuff: howling, sweating, beer, the devil, highways and cowboy boots. Meet the Young Lords, a band of the purest variety—New York based scuzzsters and Austin expats adding to the ever-expanding soundtrack of America’s rebellious youth.

After hooking up with guitarist Adam Gerard at the New School, and netting bassist Maxwell Kamins from nights trolling the streets of NYC, lead singer Blair Van Nort and guitarist/brother Reed would nickel and dime their way into practice spaces to bring their songs to life. After a series of interim drummers, Austin alum Grant W. Anderson would man the kit, and the line-up would be complete. Plugging in, the spirit of outlaw country would creep through here, the unchecked propulsion of punk there, all buoyed by the wily exuberance of vintage rock music, the sort of stuff you don’t bring home to mom.

Indeed, birds flipped, noses thumbed, sunglasses cocked, the Lords are a quartet of would-be-models shaking hands with the history of rock n roll. Trading in the rumbling guitars, sneering vocals, and insistent drums of 60’s blueprinters, the band has managed to make a deafening racket in New York's downtown rock scene. Sharing stages with the Fratellis, the Like, the Willowz, The Virgins, Young Love, Lissy Trullie and VietNam, they’ve already ensnared fans at Nylon, Elle, L’Uomo Vogue, S Magazine, Cosmo, and Anthem, won over web denizens like RCRD LBL, AOL Spinner, and Gen Art, and even landed a track in a national Guinness television spot. Young Lords were recently named one of URB Magazines' "100 Artists to Watch" for 2009.

So, let’s forget Cape Code Kwassa Kwassas, going down swinging, and the assembly line of Nickleback knockoffs. Let’s look to the future with truth and swagger. Rock music deserves it. And so do the Young Lords.

Young Lords’ debut album Rodeo Songs is now available at all major online retailers.


The Young Lords' title track Rodeo Songs is currently airing in national television spots for Guinness Ad- Nov '08.


Rodeo Songs - Release October 7th, 2008
Track Listing:
1. Rodeo Songs
2. Turn It Up
3. How It Goes
4. Riverside
5. Make No Mistake
6. Pretty Little Mess
7. Trying
8. Down So Long
9. Hail Mary
10. Silver Bullets


Bootleg EP - Release 2007
Track Listing:
1. Turn It Up
2. Rodeo Songs
3. Make No Mistake
4. Riverside
5. Trying