Young Machines

Young Machines


Indie-Electro, think 80's New Wave, like Depeche Mode, mixed with modern day Indie rock, like The Killers or Minus the Bear, with very groove oriented, dancey, and ultra melodic musicality, and Crooning not unlike David Gahan or Robert Smith.


Influences range from Depeche Mode, to Minus the Bear, Vhs or Beta, The Faint, anything groove oriented, dancable and good


No we will not Die

Written By: Young Machines

It just occured to me, that this might be our very last chance,
but at least I know as the light fades to black,
at least I know that i am not alone,
You close you eyes,
and try to fight for life, but give
it up girl, just let it go, drown yourself, just drown yourself in my eyes,

Try not to hold air in,
this is the end,
we are, we are, try not to try to stay alive, we are, we are drowning,

I've dreampt of this moment,
time and time again, funny this should hurt this much,
funny it should wake up inside,
and make me feel alive for the first time,

You finally open your eyes and look at me,
oh my god, oh my god, i'm drowning in your eyes,
we are, we are, drowning in the light,

It's like something you would paint, or sketch, or put it in a picture, and never dare forget, its like a kiss for the first time, love at first sight, its like love


1 EP out as of 12/20/08
5 songs, entitled Whispers in the Circuitry

Set List

Average set ranges from 45 minutes to 1 hour. All original, except 1 cover.