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YoungManPrince is an east coast rapper, with a smooth delivery reminiscent of 1990's hip-hop. Lyrically engaging with a flow that demands your attention, YMP has gone over ambient, dubstep, and hip hop influenced beats. YM's Fanbase of 225+ covers a range of ages and U.S cultures.


YoungManPrince ( Formerly known as Eli The Prince ) started writing lyrics around age nine, and was musically influenced by the late Joseph Steele. YM's first project was a joint mix-tape with New Jersey rapper Stevie B. The two formed a duo named Jersey Endless which lasted 2-3 years. Due to conflict of interest the duo split up eventually and YM moved to his new home in Bethlehem Pa.

After the Move YM began a new team with Lehigh Valley based rapper, Block The God formerly of GrindHard Ent. With a new vision and new influences to work with Block And YM began a project, only to split up before the full project could be finished.

Following a creative drought the young entertainer was offered a performance slot at a local venue where Stevie B, Block The God, and HNM/ Under Lock and Key Artist A styles was set to perform. During the event Styles and YM networked, exchanged information, and planned collaborations for the future.
As time passed YM was added to the HNM line up, resulting in one collaborative song with A Styles named "Elevators" 5 shows performing "Elevators" and has since released one 16 track mix tape entitled "Real Life" in 2013. After the release YMP shifted gears from creating music, to building his fan base through promotion and performances.


Kool aid and frozen pizza Remix 2012 (Single/Audio Streaming)
Bread 2012 ( Single/Music Video )
Real Life 2013 ( Ep/ Audio Streaming/ Available for download)
The Reason 2013 ( Single/ Audio Streaming )

Set List

2.G ( No Mirage )
3.No Sleep/The Reason (depending on demographic of audience)
4.New School