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New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Hip Hop R&B


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"Young Money Dre on"

Welcome Young Money Dre, introduce yourself.
Do you feel as though you have a lot to prove when it comes to being a rapper?

Yes I do feel you have a lot to Prove When It Come to Being a Rapper Cause Is a Million Rappers In This World in Label Want To See Why Should They Sign You Out Of All The Other Acts
I only ask that because it seems like there are more rappers than fans. Whats your take on that?

I Agree It Is More Rappers Then Fans and That's Why Nobody Buys Albums Anymore

Cause Every Body Wants to Be A Star
What do you plan on doing to stay relevant in an age where attention spans are at an all time low?

Keep Being Consistent Keep Grinding Try to Stay one Step Ahead OF The Music Game and Be Myself
70% of the rap game lately seems fake and or pre-packaged. Do you agree?

Yes I Agree There Is A lot Fakes And Pre-Packaged Artist and Music

How organic is your game? Where do you draw your inspiration?

My Game Is Genetic Its Just In Me to Do What I Do. I Draw My Inspiration From Life
ICM is a way of life..

Is That A Question Or Statement LoL You Know We About To Take Over #Swaygo

Boom Bap or pop the trunk?

I Don't I Have To Think About That One
Are you giving yourself a time frame in regards to when you "blow"?

I Never Put A Time Limit On My Career Never Know When you Can Blow

Let us know where we can find you and some of your material

I Mean you Can Google Me By Typing Young Money Dre Or Check Out My Blog @ - Dzidzoli Quist

"Rap Mullet"

Rap Mullet

Q.Young Money Dre! Sounds like money, LOL! Let the readers know who you are and what you represent.

A.I am Young Money Dre a wavey kid who grew up in harlem and I am the future on Music and I rep NYC and That I.C.M Takeover Swaygo !

Q.Lets talk about this list that BET put together, the top 10 Hip-Hop artist of the 21st century. What's your take on it?

A.I'm not on it so its wrong lol

Q.Give me your top 10 Hip-Hop artists of all time.

A.I don't know about 10 but my 5 would be in no order Big, Young Jeezy, Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West and me I'm Dope lol

Q.Tell me about your style of rhyme and production, what catches your ear when picking beats?

A.I don't have a style I do it all when I rhyme but I do like to have fun and I like all types of production you can't put me in a box I'm a real artist
Q.What sets you apart from other rappers?

A.Me just being myself there's no other Young Money Dre and they'll never be another
Q.Do you produce music and if so, what type of software do you use?

A.Yes I'm also a producer and I mostly use Cubase

Q.What's your greatest fear in the entertainment business?

A.I don't have any My manager Marv got my back and we set up to takeover the entertainment business should fear us lol

Q.Give us a few of your influences people, place and things.

A.being born down south and growing up in harlem and I listen to all kinds of music it all plays apart with my sound and my daughter is my greatest influence
Q.Times up! Let the world know how dope I am! LOL!!

A.S/O all the artist on the grind all my fans I love ya'll and my whole team and follow me on twitter @TDYoungMoneyDre and lookout for Ladies Love Cool Dre part 2 I put my heart it in - Dzidzoli Quist


Hood Grown Online

Every once and a while a special kind of artist steps on the scene, from the way he walks and talks to the way he commands a stage to the way he ladies flock to him, that one special kind of artist is Young Money Dre. A slick talking, witty, quick with the swag having rap act that attacks the mic with hunger and passion for his music. with an anticpated mixtape about to drop 'Ladies Love Cool Dre', YMD takes out some time to talk to us about his definition of grind and why he will win.

Hey, hey, hey! Thanks for sitting with me and Hood Grown online. How long have you been “Cool”? LOL

I’m always cool lol I’m ladies love cool Dre That can’t be helped lol but I’m good just grinding
Where did you get your name from? And what made you interested in rhyming?

I got my name growing up as a little dude I always was fly and had nice stuff and looked like money and people started saying look at young money….look at young money dre and it just stuck and I love music I was born to do it so rhyming came natural
Who are your favorite producers?

besides me lol I like Arsiney that’s my big bro shout out to him, I like upcoming producers like Klarity Tracks I got a few tracks from him and my young homey lil’keis who produced my song Swagga Jackaz

Any upcoming shows ladies love cool Dre part 2 mixtape release party? Can I come?

I’m performing in Philly on Nov 4th at club Fluid and at Long Island University Brooklyn Campus on Nov 9th There will be a release party but I’m still working out the details I want to make sure its right so stay tuned and ofcourse you can come lol bring girls with you lol

You don’t consider yourself an underground artist, why is that?

Because I feel like I can have a bigger appeal then just underground I make mainstream music and I’m a true entertainer I have a lot more to offer music then just underground I can make Hits

Define “underground”.

thats tough because underground can be many things it could be the type of music you choose to make or just the level of your career in the business but to me it’s a state of mind

Talk about the next single “Money, Music, Ladies”

That’s the first official single off of ladies love cool dre pt 2 we already leaked Swagga Jackaz feat my I.C.M fam Arsiney, Qwik Money and Marv Dash which is going crazy online please download that if you didn’t yet but “Money,Music,Ladies” defines the theme of the project and what I love most besides my fam Money, Music and ladies lol swaygo !

How was your experience with DJ Bed Tyme aint he just the bees kness? LOL! I see you DJ!

Yea Bed Tyme is my dude I been on hatemoney Radio a few time and he shows me a lot of love shout out to him
Where can we find you online?

Everywhere lol just google me but hit me on twitter at @TDYoungMoneyDre but I’m on must music sites
Once again thank you very much for your time Dre! Till we meet again.....

Thanks you for having me Shoutout to All my fans I love ya’ll and all the I.C.M Takeover and please go get that ladies love cool dre pt 2 its great music on there and me doing what I do Swaygo ! - Dzidzoli Quist


Young Money Dre


“Unsigned Explosion Tour (head liner).
iStandard ‘Next Top Single’ @ Don Hills
Get Your Buzz Up @ Don Hill’s
Charity Performances

Blaze The Runway, Event for Haiti – Brooklyn, New York
Fashion Meets Grade School, P.S.158 –Brooklyn, New York

Mixtapes Appearances

“Ladies Love Cool Dre”, DJ Johnny Hansome, 2010
“Swag Flu”, DJ Ruxsbin, 2009
“Something Light”, DJ Ruxsbin, 2008
“Hustle to Get, Grind to Keep”, Itunes released mixtape, 2010

Press Appearances

Audio/ Video Posts

Radio interviews/ Airplay

“Hate Money Radio, DJ Bedtyme357, 2010
Ear To The Street Radio, 2010

Achievements/ Awards

“Next top single”, showcase (placed 2nd).
“Get your buzz up”, showcase (placed top 3).



Young Money Dre Biography
“Some things in life are predestined like Young Money Dre becoming a star. It was fate for the Rapper/Producer to shine”-Marvel Dash CEO of ICM

-ICM/Marvel Management Presents...
Andre Williams AKA Young Money Dre born in Raleigh, North Carolina November 30, 1990. Young Money Dre migrated to Harlem, New York at age 3. Young Money Dre always showed a passion for entertaining. At age 6 he started Rapping and Dancing around the house which made his parents take notice. Giving full encouragement of his natural talent they brought him a karaoke machine. By the age of 12 he had began crafting his style; an up-tempo blend of Southern percussions and Harlem Swagger.
He joined up with some other local Harlem artist and formed the group “True Loyalty” and began to take his music more seriously. He began to go to recording studios, producing and performing in shows all over Harlem and other parts of New York City. During that time in True Loyalty Dre’s talent began to shine and he parted ways with the group to embrace his solo career.
Dre has dropped 1 mix tape, Ladies Love Cool Dre 1 to his credit featuring the hit single, Take a Picture, and Shop-a-holic and he is now working on LL Cool Dre 2. He is also gearing up to drop his first indie release titled, Sweet Dreams. The future is very bright for this rising star and with his eyes set on making a mark on mainstream music the future is bright for Hip-Hop.