Young Mothers

Young Mothers

 Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

The music of Young Mothers calls back to a time before “pop” became a dirty word, when ambitious songwriters armed with melodies, chops and sincerity reached for something more than the stale ambivalence that prevails on the increasingly depressing radio dial.


If you want the easy-to-digest version of what Young Mothers is, look no further.

Young Mothers is the music of Zachary Toporek, a young musician of the Arizonan deserts, weened on Mid-Western Indie Rock of the early 2000's only to later discover the infinitely more nourishing sounds of 50's pop, 60's soul, and 70's funk.

Guided By Voices and Dylan.
Pedro The Lion and Costello.
The Get Up Kids and The Supremes.

There you go, a bunch of references and influences to orient yourself within the world of Young Mothers. It's weird, but it works.

But if you want the real story, told in a much more confusing yet intellectually rewarding way, which is the true Young Mothers spirit…

Young Mothers is Zachary Toporek, a neurotic man with too much time on his hands to take everything too seriously. It is a strength in some ways- when one makes mountains our of molehills, the slightest misunderstanding can lead to the grandest artistic reaction; incompetent co-workers can inspire songs full of the same acerbic spite for all mankind that propelled Costello into the lime light, a run of the mill breakup could lead to a heartfelt confession of Motown-ic proportions, or a night spent on the couch with a box of wine could turn into an ode to human boredom.

But to focus only on the minutia of the Young Mothers style misses the big picture. What Toporek is really interested in universal truths. Take the track, "The Way I See Things Lately". It's a song that, on one level, is about getting high and looking back on things, but on another, much deeper level is about how everyones' life is inexorably tied together, whether it be through Jung's Theory of The Collective Unconscious or something to do with that old riddle about the creature that walks on four legs in the morning, two in the noon, and three at night… It's pop music, sure- it's catchy and easy to listen to. But it's also about heavy shit, like life and lead.

Right there, did you catch it? Young Mothers is about the things in life that matter, but it's also pop music, so it's going to offer you some potential answers to what this life is all about, but it's also going to joke around with you and give you some levity, because if you can't laugh a little bit you're doing something wrong.

Young Mothers is songs about the serious parts of Rock'n'Roll and the lighter side of loving somebody, and that's beautiful.

Now, you could list a bunch of boring facts about Toporek, like where he's from (Phoenix, Arizona), or how he actually makes the music he calls Young Mothers (generally by himself in a studio with a bunch of instruments but every once in a while on a stage with a bunch other musicians), but those are just facts, and facts are boring.

Young Mothers is definitely not about facts. Young Mothers is about making interesting Pop music and not making much sense in biographies such as this one.

Got it?


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