Lake Elsinore, California, USA
BandHip HopR&B

We cant be denied and were from the midwest we have great fan base and we are well needed for promoters events.


Raised in Flint, Mi. Young and Fresh started making songs in the basement of their house. Young N Fresh known also known as (YNF) is all about staying fresh from head to toe and being up to date on everything. YNF is a brand that have sold over 3500 cd’s hand to hand of the late mix tape called “fresh off da block” just by walking up to people sitting in their cars. They have done shows all over southern California in cities such as Riverside, Long Beach, Hemet, lake Elsinore, San Diego, Temecula, and a few other cities. YNF has opened up for Krayzie Bone at the Green Turtle in Whittier Ca. They have fans all over the Midwest and in Southern Ca. that download any new music that they put out, when they put it out. C.G., the producer for YNF, is the cool, mysterious and stylish type of guy with money like swagger. J-Dub is the hardcore but good hearted type of guy who also has money like swagger. Both are equally artistic in various ways. They have associated with many different artists and have done cameos with local West Coast artist. YNF play many roles. They have been known to be role models for helping the youth at the boys and girls club. They have been asked to Take pictures with teen agers after shows by parents of fans and have also signed many autographs in the process. YNF looks forward to helping out the community for years the come. Dominant Domayne is the label that they are under and Rigi is the president. They have worked late night hours producing hit songs like Kush Cash Clothes Swag, Fresh 2 Def, and a lot of other songs. You can check them out on or Facebook and type Ynf domayne to stay up to date on what’s going on with YNF. Get ready for a breath of fresh air and become part of a whole new wave of music.


Kush Cash Clothes Swag (Single)