Young Pacific

Young Pacific

 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Indie/Pop/Experimental band from Vancouver. Having played festivals such as Live at Squamish and Rifflandia, we are looking for opportunities outside of the Vancouver area, as well as opening for larger bands coming to Vancouver. We are in the process of writing and recording a full length album.


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Mike Noble

Clever, charismatic, catchy and complex: a few ways to describe Young Pacific’s distinct and exciting fusion of musical influences ranging from classic to contemporary, and everywhere in between.

After playing around Vancouver for many years since forming in 2009, the summer of 2012 is when Young Pacific truly came into their own. Being selected to play the Live at Squamish festival, as well as performing at Rifflandia in Victoria and releasing the "Lone Fire" EP set the wheels in motion to drive Young Pacific forward, and into the future.

Devin Miller’s guitar and Djavin Bowen’s keys melt together into a restless wash of texture and atmosphere; a soothing electro-acoustic blend. With Mike Noble’s melodic, driving bass lines and Will Watson’s powerful, precise drumming, Young Pacific takes you down the shape-shifting trails of psychedelia and prog, keeps you warm with intimate and harmonious tales from the familiar fires of folk, and at the end, makes you smile with a heavy dollop of unadulterated, dynamic pop. The result is a soundtrack to go hand-in-hand with the changing world as all humans feel it: unpredictable and familiar, helpless and exhilarating, relentless and comforting, energetic and evolving.

Hailing from the mists of the Pacific Northwest, Young Pacific is a celebration of nature. A celebration of time, youth, and the beloved yarns of yesteryear. And the purpose of the universe set aside, a celebration of music.


Young Pacific - Lone Fire EP