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With the critics and the people who are criticizing the “state” of hip hop, you would think there would be some sense of urgency to clean up the raw lyrics, and to ban certain words to keep the man off there back. But with the likes of TI and 50 Cent speaking out on the “request” from the leaders and activists about cleaning up rap, it seems to me that they are listening…. But not hearing.

Well that’s what I pick up from New York MC Young Preme, whose mixtape titled “Darkside” with hot samples and catchy hooks; it doesn’t even sound like he got the memo from the people that are complaining

When I first press play, it’s pretty obvious that Preme is attempting to set the mood of the album with the intro that has an eerie sound and plays a snippet from the movie Goodfellas. And it works. The first couple of songs had heavy bass lines, perfectly orchestrated synthesizers and a delivery from Preme himself that has a slow southern drawl to my ears about the street life and cocky attitude that he carries, but when I got the 4th song titled “Bang Ya hammer” we get to hear a more speedy delivery and a angrier style that’s backed up by a hot beat with chanting on the hook that makes it feel like your going to see a thunder cat bang out.

But as soon as the next song came on titled “I gotta make that” he goes back to the slowed down rhyming about money, bitches, and more money over a looped piano, screwed hook and another eerie tone that might give a 4 year old a nightmare. But in his freestyle over a “Money in the Bank” track, I you get to hear the more gutter delivery and the smug lyrics from Preme that might either hurt a sensitive rappers feeling or make him determined to step his game up. Now I must admit, Preme knows what he’s doing when he places his intros. While the point of a skit or an intro is to set up the upcoming song or the album your about to hear, Preme hits it on the head when he gives us another snippet from the movie “Paid in Full” when Ace and Mitch have there conversation before hitting a club. This leads into the hot song titled none other than “Pushing” which the name is self explanatory. This is one of the hottest songs off the album.

The next few song we hear more of the same thing. The street life, the hustle and its evident there’s hints of experience from Prime’s “past life” that demands respect for not stretching the truth however I must admit its almost the same thing every rapper is rapping about, but when we get to the song titled “Freaking You” its pretty clear that Preme wants to get to the point and doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body. But I aint mad at that.

Preme’s style demands attention and that’s rare from the style of his delivery. It’s real slow yet melodic and it will make you listen. He knows how to catch the beat and the productions will work your car stereo out. The only thing I would ask from Preme is if we could hear some concept records from him and mix it up. However this is a hot album and it’s worth the time to hear out.

To find out more about Preme as well his new album "Darkside", hit him up on his official page or his myspace and let him know what's really hood!

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Preme has captured his experiences and those of his friends and family in his music. Preme, 21, was born and raised in the notorious area of Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York for seventeen years of his life. At the age of eight, Young Preme developed an interest in HipHop.Preme secretly developed his talent for seven years until it was unleashed during a talent show in the auditorium of his former high school in New York, Maxwell, where he wowed the crowd. “Ever since I stepped on that stage I knew this game was for me. I feel it is my duty to give a voice to the silent members of my community and surrounding communities..

At age 17 Preme moved to Orlando, FL Unsure of how they would accept his New York based sound in the south, Preme decided to incorporate his gritty Brooklyn flow on top of hard hitting, trunk rattling, southern style beats on some of his tracks.” I love bass in my music, it wasn’t really hard to adapt to a different kind of sound and style cause I’m a nigga that listen to and appreciate good music period. I make music to be felt by everybody not just in one region or one coast because all around this world in every hood the same shit goes on, maybe in a slightly different way but its the same Shit. It’s real niggaz and not so real niggaz all across this planet.”

Preme been doing this for years but the mixtape “Darkside” will be his first serious debut on an independent level. ”It’s more money to get on an independent level. I take money over fame any day.” Young Preme’s message in his songs range from the injustices faced by minorities to the ever-growing problems of “brothers against brothers.” His lyrics do not only re-expose the world to “life in the hood,” but they also celebrate the good times and bad times of his life, everything from the death of his father to the birth of his daughter. Young Preme’s maturity, drive, and talent prove to be fundamental in ensuring his long lasting success in his career. Founder and C.E.O of Steady Grind Entertainment, The budding entrepreneur continues to develop his skills and is wasting no time to break down the doors to achieve his dreams as an artist. He is definitely an asset to the industry.